10 Awesome Reasons To Buy Handmade Gifts This Year

Christmas is swiftly approaching, which means it’s time to start thinking about what to gift your loved ones this season. Rather than choosing throwaway items, how about treating the special people in your life to something made by hand this year?

Artisan soaps, handmade jewellery, embroidered fabrics, hand-carved toys and trinkets – there is something out there for everyone on your list. If you need some convincing, let’s give you 10 reasons why buying handmade gifts is best.

10 Awesome Reasons To Buy Handmade Gifts This Year

At Jewel Tree London we are firm advocates for handmade gifts. So, here are 10 awesome reasons why buying handmade rocks!

You’re Supporting The Local Economy

Wherever in the world they live, creators of handmade products generally work within their own community. They employ local workers to create their pieces and manage the shop. That means that purchasing handmade products locally creates local employment and you can see exactly who benefits from your purchase.

You Will Make A Higher Quality Purchase

Be it a pair of small stud earrings or a plant pot, handmade products are carved with love; no attention to detail is spared. Someone who creates handmade products forges a bond with their creation – it really is a labour of love. This results in a sturdier, more durable product which will provide longevity. Artisans also use higher quality source materials and ingredients.

Handmade Gifts

Handmade Gifts Are Unique

The word ‘identical’ does not exist in the world of handcrafted products. Sure you might see several sets of gold stacking rings in your local handmade jewellery boutique, but not a single set will be an exact duplicate of another. Sniff two bars of handmade soap in the same scent and you will notice a subtle difference in the two. So when you gift handmade products to loved ones, it tells them that you see them as being equally one-of-a-kind.

Customisation Is An Option

When you shop handmade online you are communicating with other humans rather than bots and automated email responses. In a shop, you are dealing with people who know the collection intimately. That makes it so much easier to request a customisation.

It’s More Ethical

Those who create handmade products pay closer attention to ethical practices. Depending on the industry this will vary from ensuring farmers and labourers receive a fair wage and humane working conditions. At Jewel Tree London we adhere to ethical mining practices and take a zero-tolerance towards child labour.

Handmade Gifts

Handmade Will Not Harm The Environment

Leading on from that, your handmade supplier is going to take measures to ensure the product doesn’t pollute the natural environment. Where possible, they will recycle and upcycle materials and use biodegradable materials. Handmade designers work with the environment rather than against it.

You Are Supporting Sustainable Business

If any of the handmade necklaces you gift your loved ones do happen to break, then they can seek a repair with the boutique. As we said, craftspeople care about sustainability and part of that oath is to repair and reuse whenever possible.

There Is A Story To Share

No matter what the product is, any handmade gift has a story behind it. When an artisan, craftsperson or designer sets out to create a product they will have sought inspiration from something they have experienced and felt the need to share more widely or out of a need to do good.

Handmade Gifts

It Enables The Traditional Craft Scene To Thrive

Traditional crafts are an art that has been threatened by the advent of factories. But the techniques used in handmade production deserve to be celebrated. Take a closer look at those gold stacking rings and hone in on the textured detail afforded to the wedges and you’ll see what we mean.

You Can Order With The Click Of The Button

If you aren’t keen on crowded markets and malls, or can’t visit a physical shop this year, you can still purchase handmade gifts. Whether you’re after handmade necklaces, clothes, artwork or pottery – you can find it online. We would only urge you to look at local workshops and boutiques, or for those further afield shop with brands who offset their shipping carbon. Most artisans sell their products online, via their own website or on a marketplace such as Etsy.