10 Most Relevant Considerations Before Redesigning a Bathroom

A good bathroom design must take several things into consideration. From lights to showers to ambience, if you’re thinking of a remodel, use our checklist to turn a place of utility into something special.

Make Some Extra Room

While remodeling the bathroom, you may find that enough space is not available. Here, you will have to look for items that are sleek and will not consume much space. But, will offer more storage options.

Flooring Matters

A bathroom flooring should be durable. Bathrooms should be made using materials such as vinyl sheets, luxury vinyl plank, ceramic and porcelain tiles, and vinyl tiles.

Manage Size with Color

Colour is where interior design plays a very important role. The colour of your bathroom depends on the colour of your other rooms. Otherwise, you can choose between cool colours to make the bathroom appear bigger.

Add Plants for a Touch of Nature

Plants breathe life into the surroundings. Adding small indoor plants will add natural colors to your bathroom. You could add a floating shelf to place your plants and other items, such as phones, towels, reading material, etc.

Do not Compromise on Ventilation

Every bathroom design requires ventilation be it through a window, exhaust fan, or both. While choosing an exhaust fan, ensure you check how much sound it makes and how fast it can ventilate the space.

Add more Storage and Hanging Space

When you remodel your bathroom, explore different storage and hanging options. This will help you to accommodate maximum toiletries, and items used in a bathroom, such as towels, hairdryers, etc.

The Lighting Matters

When choosing the lighting, you need to choose an interior design that offers you the best lighting options. The bathroom needs to have very soft and ambient lighting all over with just one dedicated area with maximum light.

Installing Mirrors in a Bathroom

The mirror is very much a design factor of the bathroom and adds a lot of value to the interior design. Mirrors are essential as they help in adding more light to the ambient setup. Homeowners sometimes choose two mirrors, one above the sink and the other placed randomly.

Protection for the Lower Sections

The lower part of the wall is exposed to daily water splashes and soap attacks that often blacken the wall. Consider raising the flooring to a height that will protect your walls from damage.

A Touch of Luxury

Consider adding luxury items such as fancy showers, wall mixers, taps, sinks, etc. If you want to install other bathroom fittings like a bathtub, it will depend on the size of the bathroom. Give the bathroom a western getup if you can.

Final Thoughts

Choose a bathroom design that will compliment your taste and your pocket. Before redesigning your bathroom, make a budget that will help you stay within a limit. Sometimes the final cost can be overwhelming and something you did not anticipate. Before entering the whirlpool of paying a lump sum amount and getting the bathroom you dreamt of, limit yourself to a given cost. Make a choice that will allow you to complement both your taste and your budget.