10 Semi Precious Stones for Your Elegant Look and Style

10 Semi Precious Stones for Your Elegant Look and Style

Gemstones enhance the beauty of your accessories which in turn adds an elegant finish to your personal style. Whether you choose birthstone stud earrings or a gold vermeil necklace with a pendant, you’ll spark the curiosity of everyone you cross paths with.

Gemstones are categorised as precious and semi precious. You need deep pockets in order to buy the precious ones: diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds. By comparison, semi precious gems are more affordable. Basically, every natural stone that isn’t one of those four precious stones is considered a semi precious gemstone.

There are hundreds upon hundreds of semi precious gemstones but here are 10 of the most elegant ones on the market.

Lapis Lazuli


Who can resist the celestial blue hue of lapis lazuli? Lapis lazuli has a fascinating history; the ancient Sumerians believed that the spirits of their deities resided in the gemstone, whilst the Egyptians considered it a symbol of the night sky. The stone is associated with qualities such as courage, wisdom, intellect and truth. Wearing this protective stone within stud earrings encourages you to feel relaxed whilst livening up a refined day look.



Typically when you picture onyx you think of the jet black onyx. However this semi precious stone is also available in colours such as white, green and red and you can wear these different hues together to create a fabulous modern look. Onyx is a protective stone that can also defend you against negative energies. Experiment with stackable vermeil rings that are encrusted with different onyx stones to add a pop of colour to your style.



Quartz is a crystallised mineral that forms the base of a number of different semi precious gemstones, including citrine, amethyst and rose quartz. With its soft pink hue, rose quartz is an ever-popular choice for women’s jewellery. It’s baby pink colouring looks gorgeous when set within a rose gold vermeil ring and may guide your heart to true love.



Labradorite is a feldspar mineral that comprises multiple layers within the stone which refract the light. This ‘labradorescence’ creates a kaleidoscope of colours that range from sea green to midnight blue to yellow, much like a peacock’s tail. This stone is considered to possess magical and mystical qualities that can manifest in the wearer. Wearing a gold vermeil necklace garnished with a labradorite jewel will flood you with energy and add a confident spring to your step.


Made out of fossilised tree resin, amber is technically not a gemstone but we all consider it part of the family anyway. Its evocative warm yellow-orange hues add depth to your ensemble. Wearing vermeil rings with amber gemstones reminds you that history is beautiful and inspires you to make each day count.


This calming stone settles the mind and inspires the imagination. Available in a variety of shades from plunging violet to a softer lilac hue, amethyst is a versatile stone that suits most skin tones. Wear a rose gold pendant necklace garnished with amethyst for those days where you need to think clearly, such as a job interview or important presentation.



With a golden hue, topaz can set your outfit alight and leave you with a radiant glow – in exactly the way you want. As the birthstone for November, anyone can choose to wear this stone during this month for increased strength to get through those brisk winter days.


When you pair it with gold, peridot can instil great power in you. It has a fetching green hue tinged with a splash of yellow which only adds to its allure. Quality peridot is rare to come by so if you do invest in this gemstone you should lavish it with love and consider saving it for special occasions.


Like labradorite, moonstone is a member of the feldspar group. Named moonstone for its blue-white adularescence that resembles moonlight this is a richly feminine stone. This pearly gemstone looks sensational when set with sterling silver or rose gold. Set a moonstone gem within a rose gold vermeil ring and you have the perfect first date outfit!


Representing protection and strength, turquoise has historically been considered the talisman of warriors and shamans. It is also associated with positive energy so if you need a little more than caffeine today, try a gold vermeil necklace furnished with a piece of this dreamy stone. Turquoise looks lovely with casual attire that has a bohemian element.

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