13377x Proxy 13377x to Download Movies, Games Mirror Sites Proxy List or 13377x is one of the best torrent sites where users can download all kinds of popular movies, web series, software files, apps, games, etc.
As technology develops every day, many users around the world are looking for premium content (such as movies, TV series, applications, software files, or maybe games) that they can download for free.

Video streaming giants like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and Hotstar do not allow users to access their content for free. In order to watch any recently released movies or TV shows, you must be a Premium Member.

As users, we agree that we are not interested in paying for or subscribing to premium content if it is available for free on Torrent 1337x.

When it comes to downloading free movies, web series, apps, software, or games, no other site comes close to the uniqueness or design of the 13377x torrent site. torrent makes it easy for users to download free premium content for free.

Brief Description About What Actually Is 13377x or 1337x Torrents?

1337x or 13377x is a website that provides a directory of torrent files and magnetic links used to exchange peer-to-peer data using the BitTorrent protocol, according to TorrentFreak News. In 2018, was ranked as the third most popular torrent website.

Founded in 2007, 1337x became the most important and popular torrent site as soon as KickassTorrents closed in 2016.

In October 2016, the website was redesigned with new features and functions. The website is blocked from Google search and cannot be found in Google search. The complaint was filed at the request of Feelgood Entertainment in 2015.

In 2015, the website was moved from its original domain name to many other mirror domain names to avoid being blocked by Google.

Type Of Website Torrent Index, Magnet-Links Provider
Available Content Movies, Tv-Shows, Softwares, Games, Apps, Etc.
Active Location Available Worldwide
Type Of Registration Optional, Free
Launched Date The year 2007; 13 Years Ago
Alexa Rank Currently 304;(Updated May2020)
Website Working Status Online And Still Active
Website Structure Written In HTML, JavaScript, And PHP


Main Features Of 13377x or Search Engine

There are many excellent features available for 13377x and all the factors listed below make this website unique and easy to use for downloading all kinds of movies, TV shows, applications and software etc.

1. Uniqueness

There are many more free movie download sites on the internet. Many consumers around the world prefer 13377x because of its unique features. The unique feature of this website makes it easy for users to download all kinds of movies, web series, software, games, and many other great contents for free. It has a large collection of databases where the latest version is also available on this torrent site.

2. Best UI Interface

The 13377x search engine has the best user interface of all available torrent sites. As consumers, we all know that the best design gives you the best user experience.

In general, some torrent sites will have lots of advertisements and will give you the worst movie download experience. Downloading videos from provides a relaxing experience. You can download without any interruption or issue.

3. 13377x Search Engine

The 13377x search engine has millions of files in its database. The homepage of the website is divided into categories such as Movies, TV, Games, Music, Applications, Anime, Documentaries and many more. This category makes it easier for users to find the content they want. All categories are arranged one by one and you can access the most recent files in that category by clicking on the appropriate category icon.

Why 13377x Is The Standout Site When Compared To Other Torrent Sites?

There are many torrent sites on the internet that you can use to download free movies, TV shows, software, mobile apps, and more. But they don’t have many of the features that torrent 13377x has. Due to the uniqueness of the 1337x site and friendly interface with a better UI design, it is considered one of the best torrent sites out there.

With today’s technology, consumers are eager to find free content such as movies, web programs, or even free software. The 13377x website, with its large database, brings together movies, TV series, games, and software. If you are a user without a budget looking to buy the best service, worry not, 13377x Torrent Site 1 is made just for you.

You can download high-quality movies and TV shows from every genre such as action, adventure, romance, thriller, and many more. It also offers software, music, and game downloads for free.

How To Download Content From 13377x or ( Movies, Tv Shows, Music, Software, Etc.)

The first step is to open the 1337x website using one of the web browsers (Google, Mozilla, Opera, etc.).
Once you open the website, you will see a long search bar in the top right corner. Just enter movies, games, applications, etc. What do you want? in this search bar. This website has categories like Movies, Games, Music, etc.
Typing the filename of a movie or software application in the search bar and clicking the search button will bring up lots of suggestions for your search item.
After clicking on your favorite movie you will see an option to download magnets. All you have to do is click on the magnet download option.
After clicking on it, a dialog box will appear with two options: “Open Bittorrent” and “Cancel”.
You need to click on the open bit torrent option. It will automatically be directed to the BitTorrent application (you will need to install the application on your computer before starting this process). Once the application is open, click on the “OK” button and the download will start.

Popular Movies That Are Available To Download Using 1337x

Regardless of the language, all types of movies are available in 13377x. However, most movies are offered in high quality and consumers have the option of downloading them at various levels of quality.

Movies of all languages ​​including drama, action, romance, horror, thriller, etc. It was torrented 1,337 times. Movies from various languages ​​such as English, Spanish, French, and others are available. Here are some of the most popular and recent movies available on torrent 1337x.

  • Aladdin
  • Avengers: Endgame
  • Captain Marvel
  • Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw
  • Ford Vs Ferrari
  • Frozen 2
  • IT Chapter Two
  • John Wick: Chapter 3
  • Joker
  • Jumanji: The Next Level
  • Spider-Man: Far from Home
  • The Lion King
  • Toy Story 4

Some Of The Popular Softwares You Can Download From Torrent

1337x or 13377x torrent is a hub for all types of software. Most users download premium software patch files, apk files from 1337x as it offers a large collection of software in its database.

Here you will find all types of software applications that are available for free. You can also find sub-categories in the Software section, where you can easily find the software you want. Below are some popular software downloaded by the users.

Some Of The Popular Games You Can Download From Torrent

If you are a professional gamer or a game lover, you can download the game you want from 13377x. All computer games, Playstation games, and Xbox are available on the search engine and can be downloaded for free. There are categories for each type of game, and you can also choose which platform the game should be downloaded from. Below are some of the popular games available at 1337x.

  • Fell Seal Arbiters Mark
  • The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Bundle
  • Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition
  • Life Is Strange Before The Storm
  • Battle Chasers Night war
  • Mutant Football League Dynasty Edition
  • Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (Build 2745 + MULTi5)
  • VirtuaVerse v1 04-SiMPLEX
  • James Bond 007: Blood Stone
  • Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III
  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
  • Fallout
  • Need for Speed
  • Far Cry 5: Gold Edition

13377x (or) 1337x VPN Sites List Updated 2020 [All Working]

If you are unable to access the 13377x mirror, your ISP has blocked the mirror in your country. Try one of the VPNs listed below to unblock these mirror sites. Virtual private networks have many advantages and offer privacy and security.

FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is 13377x or safe and legal to watch movies and TV shows?

The 13377x website is a pirated website that provides pirated content such as movies, TV shows, software files, and so on. Viewing 13377x and downloading any content from this website is considered a crime in India. We have advised users not to use this torrent site and turn to legal alternatives for their entertainment.

2. Does 13377x Torrent Promote Piracy?

The answer is 100% NO. Many popular sources say that while promoting piracy, they are not responsible; They host a website. But anyone who is important understands that such a stage carries a certain obligation.

As we know, there are many torrent search engines like Pirate Bay, Demonoid, KAT,, YTS, etc. Not directly responsible for hosting illegal files. We can conclude that this is a file transfer protocol and that there is nothing illegal on this website promoting piracy.

3. What Are Similar Websites Like 13377x Torrents?

If you as a user have trouble accessing a torrent website, there are many torrent websites on the internet that are very similar to torrent. This alternative lets you download your favorite movies, TV shows, software, and more. Here are some other options for the 13377x website.

  • Thepiratebay
  • Lime Torrents
  • Torrentz2
  • YTS
  • Torrent Galaxy

4. What Is The Latest Working Proxy Of 13377x & 1337x Torrent?

Most of the proxy or mirror sites are blocked in many areas. These days it’s getting more and more difficult to find a properly working proxy or mirror to download movies or TV shows. However, we have checked working proxy sites in most regions. Here are some proxies or mirror sites that work.

  •                  – Very Fast
  •              – Very Fast
  •   – Fast

5. What Are The Best VPN’s We Can Use To Unblock 13377x Torrent?

Virtual private networks have many advantages and offer privacy and security. If you are unable to access the 13377x mirror, your ISP has blocked the mirror in your country. Try one of the VPNs listed below, which are considered the best in the business, to unblock these mirror sites.

Final Say

We live in a world where we want to have access to premium content for free, even when our data is exposed to unknown people who can control this website, such as B. Hacking, cyber threats, or malware affecting our devices. Because these third-party streaming sites are not secure.

If you are tempted to watch free movies on one of these free streaming sites, we recommend that you use an appropriate virtual private network (VPN) to protect your presence on these websites.

However, always follow a few tips which will help you to download this torrent site without interruption. Always use a VPN service when downloading 13377x content. This saves on data leaks and other legal issues.