3 Ways To Help Calm Your Child’s Cough at Night

When kids develop a cough, parents often worry. After all, it’s sad and unsettling to think that you’re little ones aren’t a hundred percent. Keep in mind, though, that coughs are fairly common in childhood. Nemours KidsHealth even notes that while that persistent sound appears disturbing, coughing is a normal reaction that could help kids recover from illness.

Although useful, these spells may prove tiring at night when your kiddos require essential sleep. You may grab the nearest homeopathic cough medicine for children, but what else can you do? If your little ones need some relief and rest, try using the following three methods to deliver some comfort.

1. Know the Different Types Of Coughs

Coughs aren’t all alike. They have different causes. Much like any condition, it’s important to match the proper aid with the correct illness.

Some viruses and bacteria hone in on the lungs. These are marked with a harsh barking sound, wheeze or whoosh. If you observe these characteristics, speak with a pediatrician about options. You can then use specific supports to have a game plan should you hear this cough again.

Other coughs may have lots of phlegm, and some could be dry, but they may not have a distinct sound to them. These may arise from a common cold or allergies. Several age-old techniques may bring relief.

2. Turn to Hot Showers & Humidifiers

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Warm air and water could assist your kiddos by soothing the lungs and tubes. Dry air complicates the cough, making it hard to break up irritants. Wet coughs, often filled with mucus, grow thicker in colder, dry air. Children may struggle to get it up and out, freeing the airways. For these situations, moisture could be the answer.

Before bedtime, run a hot shower or sit your loved ones in the bathroom and steam it up. Have them breathe in the warm air. This technique supports the airways, calming inflammation and soreness.

The cough may continue to grow worse throughout the nighttime when your kids require sleep. Run a humidifier to add wetness to the air. This measure could aid in a more restful evening. Pair it with a chest congestion homeopathic remedy to help the nasal passages open more.

3. Focus on Water and Clean Eating

Many of your children’s favorite foods may encourage phlegm or make the airways worse. Therefore, consider how they eat throughout the day, especially in the evening. Cool water may alleviate throat soreness, so have them drink it throughout the day. Avoid drinks with lots of sugar as these could stimulate the cough more.

As for meals, stick to simple choices like superfoods that offer nourishment. Soups provide more hydration but limit the salt as it irritates. Also, reduce your milk intake because it encourages mucus.

When your kids go down with a cough, they need help. Identify what type of cough your children have, and see a doctor if you feel it’s needed. At home, offer nighttime support to aid their slumber. Concentrate on the superfoods to eat when sick, homeopathic remedies and moisture to soothe the irritation.