4 Lessons Learnt From Pavitra Rishta 2.0!

When the Ankita Lokhande starrer Pavitra Rishta returned after 12 years, everybody spoke about only one thing- the chemistry between the lead pair. While people continue to talk about Ankita and Shaheer’s on-screen chemistry even today, we can’t help but wonder about the lessons the Pavitra Rishta web series has taught us so far.

We’ve enlisted some of the top four lessons that ALTBalaji’s Pavitra Rishta 2.0 taught us about love, life, romance, and relationships:

  1. Emotional Intimacy Is A Real Deal!

We know Archana and Manav had a connection since day one from the way they responded to each other’s needs, shared their beliefs, and dreamt of building a home together in Pavitra Rishta. This solid bond between them is termed emotional intimacy, a feeling of alignment between two people that goes beyond physical attraction.

In today’s generation, we rarely find a bond as sacred as Archana and Manav’s.  It is their relationship that can help everybody (including us) understand how important it is to develop a sense of belonging with partners. They tell us how any relationship, new or old, cannot thrive without an emotional connection!

  1. Relationships Are 50/50

If there’s one thing we need to learn from Archana-Manav, it is their equal partnership in everything. Right from putting in efforts for each other to helping one another’s family, the’ve done everything together. It’s safe to say that the on-screen lead pair taught us all that a relationship is truly a 50/50 partnership.

Relationships flourish when both parties are equally involved. If there’s only one person doing the work, it is bound to go down the drain. So, here’s your cue ladies and gentlemen. Give it your all or nothing at all!

  1. Dishonesty Is Never The Solution

Now, here’s the thing- on some level, lying in a relationship is normal. But, can you justify Manav’s dishonesty towards Archana? No, absolutely not!

While white lies are pretty common in a relationship, the bigger (and worse) lies like the one Manav told aren’t common. It can ruin even the strongest of the strongest connections.

A good way to tell whether your lie is normal or not is by trying to figure out if you’re trying to protect your partner’s feelings or looking out for yourself. If it’s the latter, then know that it can do some serious damage. So, act accordingly and don’t repeat Manav’s mistakes!

  1. Never Give Up On Love

Archana and Manav’s journey was full of ups and downs. They saw fights, arguments, disagreements, and even difficult days at every step. When they had every reason to give up, they didn’t. Instead, they took each day as a challenge and continued fighting for each other. That’s the beauty of a strong relationship!

Remember that there are going to be times when it feels frustrating than fun, especially as you grow older. But, what really matters is how you bounce back together. If you want to find true love, you should be willing to stick through thick and thin even on days when it feels impossible.

A love like Archana and Manav is hard to find. But, not impossible to achieve. You can get there too! If you’re willing to make history like them, give it your best shot. Cross mountains and oceans for the one you love but also stay grounded at the same time. Remember the real deal is doing it with all your heart!

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