4 Ways to Buy Ethical Gifts This Year

When you’re shopping for gifts, it is important to be mindful about the impact it could have on the people all across the world and also the environment. Being mindful of what you are buying can be really simple when you know where to start. Some of your gifts have the potential to help protect the planet for years to come, so choose wisely!

Look for Ethical Supply Chains

A supply chain is all of the processes that enables a product to be made and delivered to the customer. This involves growing the materials and having the product made, packaged, shipped, distributed and sold. So, an ethical supply chain focuses on ensuring that the people involved in each of these processes were treated fairly. It also refers to the environment being treated ethically, too.

There are a few different ways to know whether a company is ethical. The Ethical Consumer, for example, offers ratings in five different areas: animals, environment, people, politics and sustainability. You can use their website to find ethical options and then eventually you will get used to knowing which companies are ethical.

Choose Something Someone Will Use for Years

One of the simplest things you can do to ensure things aren’t wasted is to choose something you know that the person will use for years. Rather than choosing a fast-fashion item that will be worn once and thrown out, choose something timeless like a mens graphic t-shirt with a print that they will love or a sophisticated womens long coat that will be a staple in the wardrobe for years to come.

You should check that the supply chain is ethical prior to purchase and then make sure that they will make good use of your gift. If you’re unsure, provide a gift receipt with a note saying you won’t be offended if they aren’t sure about your gift and ask them to swap it for something they really love.

Buy Second-Hand

Buying second hand products from charity shops, thrift shops or online marketplaces is one of the best things you can do for the environment. Although you won’t know whether the product had been made ethically, preventing that item from going to landfill is a great thing.

If you prioritise charity shops, you will also be contributing to worthy causes. It will also be much cheaper for you and you’d be surprised at some of the gems you will come across! The benefits are endless.

Choose Something Reusable

In order to encourage long-term sustainability from the person you are buying for, you could buy them a reusable and zero-waste product. Things like a reusable coffee cup, reusable cotton pads or a cotton shopping tote bag make great stocking fillers and will prevent that person from buying disposable alternatives.

When they realise how much money they save, it could instill a life-long interest in reusable products which would be fantastic.

Final Thoughts

Buying ethically is really simple when you know how. You will be helping people all over the world as well as the environment. Also, you have the potential to instill lifelong habits in your loved ones with your gifts of choice. Whether you go for a plain tracksuit they will love for years or a lovely reusable coffee cup to replace paper cups, be mindful with your choices and you can make a significant difference.