5 Factors to Consider Before Buying Fitness Clothing

5 Factors to Consider Before Buying Fitness Clothing

After a hard workout session, you must feel tired and exhausted and covered in sweat. However, the right kind of fitness clothing may make a lot of difference to how you feel. So, what will you prioritise concerning your gym clothes: fashion or comfort? Well, you don’t have to make any compromise now as you can get really stylish and comfortable activewear in a wide range to meet your needs all year round. However, to further help you simplify the purchase process, below is a list of things you must consider.

Right Fit

The workout clothes you buy must fit you well. But many of you tend to buy them with the belief that they would fit after muscle building and achieving the weight loss goals. However, that should not be the case. You need to buy clothes that fit you well and are not too tight to restrict your movement or so loose that they get trapped in the bike pedal or rowing machine. Further, if you want something to fit you in the future, whether or not you have reached your fitness goals, compression clothing can be the best choice.

Test your workout wear by doing a squat test. You should not buy those that stretch out or where the fabric rides up, the waistband rolls down, or that rubs and pulls against the skin.

Moisture-Wicking Ability

The fitness clothing you buy must have moisture-wicking abilities to wick the sweat away from the skin through quick evaporation and keep you cool and comfortable. The best fabrics for working out are polyester, nylon, cotton, and bamboo. Further, be mindful while buying cotton clothing as it can be really uncomfortable during intense workouts. Cotton absorbs the moisture from the body, making you feel heavy and damp.

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You should also avoid plastic or rubber-based fabrics that prevent sweat evaporation keeping the body temperature high during a workout. Instead, you may try out various intelligent fabrics available in the market that wick moisture and provide ultimate comfort and best performance.

Quality Standards

You need high-quality activewear when you walk for 30 long minutes on the treadmill or for high-impact sports training. Hence, you must do a scrunch test to see if the creases on the material go away easily. You should also check if the fabric loosens with a little stretch. Moreover, don’t forget to look at the little things like seams, zippers, buttonholes, and buttons. When buying online, check the features and pictures of the product thoroughly. For more information, you can go through the brand’s quality page to understand the quality standards it follows.


The choice of colours strongly impacts an individual’s psychological and physical levels. It depends on the light you absorb and your temperature. It is best to refrain from black for outdoor exercise on a warm day. You could opt for red during high-intensity workouts and neutral tones for light exercises or yoga. Remember that the choice of colours can be a vital determinant in helping you accomplish fitness goals within the set timeframe.

Weather Considerations

Exercising outdoors may require you to dress in light layers to withstand the heat. It is best to opt for a moisture-wicking base. On colder or rainy days, you need to have a fleece layer or wind and water-resistant jacket to provide you with the required protection.

Fashion and comfort can go hand-in-hand, and the right fitness apparel can let you have the best of both worlds.

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