5 Qualities Of A Great Wedding Planner

Wedding planning isn’t a child’s play. It’s not a rocket science either, but it’s certainly not as easy as planning a road trip or moving home. Quite frankly, you cannot compare any of the services you get every day, because this profession has only one challenge – to make you feel happy and satisfied. Unlike other professionals, wedding planners have to deal with quite a few Ifs ‘n Buts before they finally execute their plan.

You name any quality and that would be the essential requirement for a wedding planner. A wedding planner is actually a “Jack of all trades” sort of a guy. But more importantly, he has to be a great manager with lots of people management skills.


In connection to the qualities we will brag about in the following lines, you being a client, have to be very careful while choosing any of the Vancouver destination wedding planners. You might opt to visit www.lescape.ca or any other company with years of experience, but DO NOT choose anyone just because your friend told you so.

Instead, take a quick look at these basic attributes that can turn any wedding into a memorable event.


At the end of the day, your wedding planners are the ones to blame or to appreciate. Loyal wedding planning services make sure you had a great time, and they take all ownership of good and bad things in the wedding.

Fresh Ideas

It’s not just about searching and surfing, wedding planners know where to get best ideas. There are plenty of things to consider before actually come up with a quotation. Some important things include:

  • Managing guests and their accommodations
  • Managing supplies and making sure nothing falls short
  • Creating a theme according to your traditions
  • Selecting venues
  • Creating designs based on your wedding theme

If you have ideas, but they don’t necessarily be possible because of your budget. Wedding planners can help you come up with similar, cost-effective ideas.


Sticking with vendors and making sure they deliver their services on time is a time consuming job. Wedding planning company can take care of these responsibilities and lets you enjoy your wedding without tension.


In connection to the resources they have, wedding planners ensure quality service. They’re familiar with decoration service, flower service, lighting services, makeup services (optional), caterers, venue owners and other related services. If you try to find these services on your own, you’ll definitely spend more than you expected. Here Indian destination wedding planner Vancouver ensure high quality services within your budget.


Like mentioned above, wedding planners know the exact cost of things and who supply those items. Before they even tell you, they’d have researched each and every vendor and get their quotations. Since they’re professionals, they know how to bargain and get things done using their own ways.


With so much to offer, wedding planners take the pressure of the whole event off you. Key for you is to see references, find historical data, client feedback and word-of-mouth before hiring any service.