5 Tips for Looking Chic and Comfy in the Summer Heat

Even in the sweltering heat of the summer months, nothing beats heading outdoors while looking and feeling amazing. It’s not impossible to achieve a cool look and feel amid the heat. Consider the following ways you can look chic and comfy in the summer heat.

Tip 1. Opt for Playsuits and One-Pieces

Out of all the seasons, the summer months are the ones that are meant to feel easy. When it’s time to get dressed, it’s helpful when you don’t have to put a ton of effort into looking comfortably chic. One of the reasons why cute playsuits and one-pieces are so great is because they streamline the process

You don’t have to worry if one pair of pants will look good with a different top. The outfit is already prepared. With a playsuit, your only concern involves finding the right accessories. Make it easy on yourself by finding great-looking one-pieces including romper short sets, rompers that feature wide-leg pants and more. Look for options like a halter-style top, a one-shoulder jumpsuit, or a square neckline to show off your decolletage.

If you’d like to dress the playsuit up, wear a classy pair of strappy sandals or wedge heels. To dress it down and feel more comfortable, a stylish pair of sneakers, trendy flip-flops, or flats will do the trick. Wearing a one-piece outfit to work is easy when you add a blazer or a cardigan and loafers.

Tip 2. Wear Loose Silhouettes: Light, Breathable Fabrics

Remain on the lookout for any garments that feature a loose silhouette. When you’re looking for bottoms, look for wide-leg pants. Curate a variety that features wide-leg jeans, flowy capris and more. Wide-leg palazzo pants are comfortable yet chic. When you’re looking for tops, look for blouses made of fabrics like cotton and linen. Dolman-style blouses provide button-down professionalism while maintaining the loose summer-friendly style in the large, flowy sleeves.

When you’re picking out dresses, look for styles that feature skirts with an A-line shape. Tank-top dresses or bandeau-style dresses can be edgy yet feminine when the design flows naturally.

When it comes to loose silhouettes, it can be tricky to balance a loose style without drowning your frame in fabric. If you’re wearing loose pants, wear a blouse that either fits snugly or draws attention to your shoulders, neckline, or arms. Pair a flowy baby-doll blouse with some jeans that highlight your figure more. With loose silhouettes, balance is always the key.

Tip 3. Wear White Denim

For those who play by the rules, white tends to be reserved for the summer months. In fashion days of yore, there was no greater faux pas than wearing white after Labor Day. While this rule certainly isn’t set in stone, now is the time to pull out the white denim.

White denim pants are dressy yet still provide the comfort that denim brings. White denim pants are versatile enough to wear to a business function with a light blazer. They’re also dressy enough to wear for a fun summer date night at a restaurant. White denim shorts are perfect for a day at the beach when you’re pairing them with flip-flop sandals and a bikini top. They also work well with a pair of high heels and a flowy blouse when you’re headed to a graduation party.

Tip 4. Find a Good Pair of Sneakers


Look for a pair of comfortable yet versatile sneakers that you can wear throughout the summer. For a trendy spin on a stunning maxi dress, add a pair of sneakers and a baseball cap to the mix. Whether you choose a pair of high-top Jordans or a classic white Air Force 1, have a go-to option that you can pair with several summer outfits.

It is hot outside, so always remember to wear socks when you’re wearing cute sneakers. While the sockless look might provide a certain aesthetic, it also offers a certain odor. To avoid the odor while achieving the aesthetic, look for ankle socks or no-show socks. These options absorb sweat and moisture to keep your feet and sneakers smelling fresh and clean. They’ll also prevent blisters.

If you love the appeal of Vans sneakers or Chuck Taylors, place a comfortable insole insert inside to support your feet. Placing gel insoles helps you to achieve comfort and the look without sacrificing one for the other.

Tip 5. Protect Yourself From the Sun

The sun’s UV rays are notoriously damaging to the skin. While spending a day outside soaking up rays can be one of the most relaxing and rejuvenating activities, it is important to remember that with more sun exposure comes an increased risk of sun damage. In addition to wearing and reapplying sunscreen throughout the day, include protective clothing and accessories. Look for everyday garments like classic white T-shirts and blouses that are created with built-in SPF.

Summer is the time to build your collection of chic wide-brimmed hats. Look for cowboy hats and other styles of wide-brimmed hats to remain protected and cool. Build your collection of sunglasses as well. A pair of cool aviator shades are the perfect beach-time accessories, and summer is a great time to try bold, fun styles like retro-themed cat-eye sunglasses.


Walk with a stylish parasol to shield yourself from the sun’s rays when you’re at the beach. Visors and baseball caps can also provide stylish protection.

Putting It All Together

As you look for options that work for your specific silhouette and comfort level, remember to add these options to your closet. Once you’re intentional about including a variety of these five must-haves, you won’t have to sacrifice comfort or style for the rest of the summer