5 Ways to Make Your Business Stand Out At The Next Trade Show

Trade shows are a really effective method of marketing. It provides your business a chance to showcase your work to visitors and other competitors. With thousands of international buyers and sellers coming together, it is important that your business doesn’t get lost in the shuffle. Lack of differentiation can lead you onto fast track down to being forgotten. While most people understand this concept, many fail to perform but here are a few tips to get you thinking. Everyone has the same idea, but uniqueness is key.

Printed Gazebo

  1. Printed gazebo: this is a great place to start. A big gazebo with your company’s unique logo on is a simple and successful way of making a statement and attracting visitors. Rockawnings provides a range of gazebos on which they are able to print designs. Eye catching and effective in informing visitors of the brand, a gazebo provides a consolidated area so that you can capture customers’ full attention rather than being distracted and interrupted by neighbouring stalls.Think about the colours available and the kind of message you want to be sending out. Location is also quite a big deal – look at which types of companies are around you beforehand and think how they might design their exhibition.

No Passion For The Job

  1. Nothing is more unappealing than miserable looking staff who lack any sense of passion in the business. Make sure staff know the importance of being lively and smiling. As it’s said the way to a customer’s heart is through their stomach. Trade shows are hard work; it can’t hurt having a few snacks lying around to keep energy levels up. Happiness and enthusiasm is infectious and when visitors are greeted with well-mannered, bright-eyed staff, talking about your business becomes much more enjoyable.

Attractive Marketing & Displays

  1. Attractive marketing materials are at the heart of any exhibition. The type of materials you should usewill depend on the space available and the nature of the business fabric displays. Traditional display boards are lightweight and portable which is great if you will need to move the display around quickly. The large faces are also ideal to show lots of information rather than just key points. But if you’re looking for space-saving consolidated messages, using a display stand is excellent as they come in a range of shapes and sizes and can even attach a leaflet holder.

Create A Visual Experience

  1. If you really want to make a statement, big bespoke interactive featuresare a fantastic way to create a visual experience that will engage customers in your exhibition. Choosing unusual shapes and vibrant colours will catch eyes and create interest. Perhaps incorporating gadgets like flat screen TVs or tablets would be an appropriate way to involve customers.

Fly Your Flag (or banner in this case)

  1. Last but definitely not least – accessories: a vital part to any trade show stand. Get a wide range of holders, banners, snapshot frames and flags. Portable counters are also a great to add a shop front and social area to the exhibition.

Overall your exhibition will depend on what kind of message you want to portray to your customers and competitors, how much information to share and how much space you have. Ultimately to have a stand out extraordinary display, you need to be unique and think outside the box.But don’t forget – it’s all well and good making your stand look attractive and inviting but at the end of the day, employees need to be able to deliver an excellent service and be engaging for your business to really stand out as one to watch.

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