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5 ways to style a Denim Jacket

Denim is one of the most versatile clothing pieces with a timeless appeal. When it comes to jackets, there are several ways you can style a denim jacket, from a coffee date with friends to go to the beach with friends. In other words, the Denim jacket is all about having fun, feeling casual and stylish.

Today, denim jacket have evolved from old-school classic blue denim jackets to different styles such as oversized denim jackets, crop denim jackets, distressed denim jackets, and more. Designers have introduced new fashion elements such as patchwork, digital printing and adding embellishments such as pearls or stones to upgrade the classic look of a denim jacket.

Moreover, the best thing about a denim jacket or jeans is that you can wear them around the year. It is perfect for all the seasons. Everyone owns a piece of denim, be in the form of a dress, jeans or a jacket. All you have to do is style it accordingly. To few, a denim jacket may look old school, but you can always level up the game by pairing it with different clothing items and fashion accessories. With new trends and styles coming in, we have handpicked 5 ways you can style a denim jacket that will make you look effortlessly cool.

Look No.1

A classic blue denim jacket can be paired with a white shirt and black jeans. This look is casual and evergreen. You may have spotted people wearing this look. It is a perfect look to wear while travelling, casual hang-out with friends or a coffee date.

Look No.2

This look is all about going denim on denim. You can always try styling a dark wash denim jacket with light wash denim jeans, or vice versa. This is a stealer look, which will cause you compliments and make you look like a fashionista. The inspiration for this look is from celebs and models; they carry this combination slaying the denim look.

Look No.3

Wearing a denim jacket with a skirt is a killer combination; it is subtle and cute. It is a mix and match of retro and elegance. The best thing about this look is that it looks good on everyone, as the Denim jacket adds a cherry to the top.

Look No.4

This look is a denim jacket with a short dress. This is a look that you can wear to different places such as shopping with friends or the club. This chic look is a stealer and something that everyone can quickly try.

Look No.5

A denim jacket can be paired with plain silk or a long floral dress, perfect for a spring vibe. This is a classic look that is cute and fun to wear. This look is ideal for hi-tea parties or a date at a cute café.

Look No.6

We have paired a denim jacket with shorts; this look has a casual and summery vibe. It is a fresh and breathable look that you can wear to the beach or run errands.

It’s time to take out the denim jackets stacked away in your closet and make the most of it. This season, experiment and slay by pairing your denim jacket in different looks, as mentioned above. For others looking for a perfect denim jacket, there are a lot of brands in Pakistan, such as Hustle n Holla, Outfitters, Furor, and Levis, that have an amazing collection and different variety of denims, in short they cater well for all your denim needs both at stores and online.