6 Home Office Design Tips

Whether you work from home or you take your work home with you, a home office should represent a space that inspires creativity. On top of that, you also need an area to get down to business without any interruptions. Even if you don’t have a dedicated room for your home office, you can make a little nook that will serve as your office space.

Luckily, we have many tips that will help you design the perfect office at home that might make you never want to leave your home again. Stay with us to learn how to update and upgrade your home office without any extensive renovations.

1. Get Lots of Greenery

An office shouldn’t be a lifeless space that you grow to loathe. On the contrary, an office is a space where you spend a good part of your working day, so it should look and feel comfortable and practical. Interestingly, you can accomplish that with plants.

Any greenery you introduce to your home office will make it come alive. On top of that, there are many low maintenance plants that you don’t have to worry about daily. Greenery will add another dimension to the office and clean the air at the same time.

2. Find the Perfect Rug

It might sound strange to have a rug in your office. However, decorating your home office is an entirely different story, meaning you can add a rug or vintage carpet if that’s your thing.

Smaller carpets and rugs are the best choice for putting under your swivel chair to prevent damage to your floors made from magnesium oxide boards or hardwood floors. The rug will also absorb sound from the chair and give the room an attractive look. Opt for multi-patterned rugs or colors that will pop in the office.

3. Opt for a Gallery Wall

Since you’re decorating your own space, you can crowd it with what inspires you and what you love. Keep in mind that a gallery wall features plenty of colors, so you should place it against a neutral wall.

Create a space that will inspire you to get down to work while giving you a visual break at the same time. You can also opt for prints that you can move around with the help of removable wall strips. This can serve as an excellent therapy session, as well.

4. Light, Light, Light!

It is crucial to stay connected with the outdoor world. The easiest way to accomplish that in an office is through light. If you’re going for a more significant renovation, you can install floor to ceiling windows. If not, use the windows you have to your advantage but avoid curtains and blinds.

Let the sunshine in, and opt for additional floor and table lamps. Or place a mirror next to or opposite a window to increase the amount of natural light. A larger mirror equals more light!

5. Organization Is Key

Working in a messy office leads to poor results. That’s why it is crucial to organize your space by using every trick in the book. There are plenty of tips and tricks that you can use, such as hiding your printer or fax by putting them in cabinets, organizing your files and folders into drawers, and generally not wasting any space.

6 Home Office Design Tips

Be sure to also use the vertical space in the room with additional cabinets or shelves. Take advantage of every corner in the room to minimize the visual clutter. A pinboard is also helpful for reminders, supplies, and other nick-nacks.

6. Think Hygge

If you haven’t heard of hygge before, you should know this Danish word is a synonym for comfortable conviviality that produces a feeling of contentment. So, why not bring that into your office space?

Make it cozy without making it the perfect place for an afternoon nap. Add some pillows, a throw blanket, more textile, and pair it with natural colors, such as beige, woods, whites, and greys. Hang a wool throw over your desk chair for the winter months and replace it with a lighter one in the summer. The overall look will be simple yet cozy.