7 Amazing Career Choices For Women

7 Amazing Career Choices For Women

Are you looking at amazing options for future careers? With technology on the rise and automation becoming more common, many of the jobs are being replaced today. With women making considerable strides in professional fields, the lines of career limitations have blurred.

Being a multitasking woman you can easily find an amazing career that not only pays you well, but that will also enhance your skills. A lot of women have found careers that balance beautifully with family life. Many trending careers that can well maintain work-life balance are on high demand.

With a plethora of options, there are varieties of career options for women across all industries. From the Fashion industry, digital marketing to management job roles, some women professionals are great inspirations today. In this blog, we will discuss 7 amazing career choices for women that would be trending in future.

7 Career Choices For You!

If you are a school graduate, you might be confused about the scope of courses in front of you. Let us check out the 7 smart career choices.

1. Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management is a wise career choice for women. Apart from contributing to business success through the strategic management of employees, this profession is highly in demand in today’s competitive marketplace. Your job role aims to effectively manage an organization’s employees or human capital. From staffing, recruiting and retaining to making the company competitive is in your hands.

If you choose HR as your profession, interaction with people is the key responsibility. Be ready to handle people of different levels of experience, intelligence, emotional intelligence, education, knowledge, skills and abilities. Develop good listening skills, influencing skills, business strategies, and the ability to prove the value of your employees adds to the organization.

2. Interior Designing

Interested to creatively shape indoor spaces with beautiful aesthetics?  If yes, Indoor Designing is one amazing career choice for you. Many women interior designers have marked their potential in history. Once you have creative skills, Interior designing would be fun as it is the art of enhancing a space to achieve a healthier and aesthetic environment.

Work with architects and engineers to plan indoor spaces. However, the market trend shows a remarkable growth in the demand of interior designers. An interior designer can not matter what, enjoy creative freedom and gain constant knowledge. You can also avail a flexible work schedule  with good financial rewards. Gain your degree in interior designing to start your career to build beautiful indoors.

3. Digital Marketing

Today, women have been working in every job sector irrespective of the job role. Digital marketing is a growing career sector in which you can access many trending job roles. Undoubtedly this is the digitalization era and digital marketing career is highly in demand. Learn search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC), social media, conversion optimization, content marketing, web analytics, mobile marketing and much more with digital marketing training.

If you can adapt quickly and work with diverse teams and clients, A digital marketing specialist is a smart career choice for you. Also, you can improve your hard and soft skills as you step into exciting new positions in the digital world.


4. Management Roles

From Mary Barra, Chairman and CEO of General Motor to Safra Catz, Co-CEO, Oracle, there are many powerful women managers in the world. A manager job description is based on the goals and responsibilities of an organization. From planning, directing and overseeing the operations of an organization,  the manager is responsible for leading the work of a group of people in many instances.

Management job roles are highly reputed and have a great pay. However, you must be aware of the primary objectives of the manager that includes the development of employee-oriented company culture. Health and safety of the workforce must be your primary concern.

Knowledge and experience in business, operation, and good communication skills can mould you for a career in a management role. Also, interpersonal relationships and building a team-oriented workplace are to be a part of your job.

Career Choices

5. Data Analyst

Data Analyst is one trending job today that will have a higher scope in future. What does a data analyst do? If you have good technical skills and knowledge of database languages such as SQL, R, or Python, Data Analyst is a smart career option for you. Mathematical and statistical skills are also valuable skills to gather, measure, organize and analyze data by a Data Analyst.

Learn the basics of programming languages, start building projects and advance your technical skills to excel in this field. Be a data analyst and work with IT teams, management and/or data scientists to determine organizational goals.

6. AI and Machine Learning Specialists.

The world is transforming and getting automated every day. Many jobs are replaced by Artificial Intelligence whereas several other job roles are created on the other side in the domain of AI and ML. The perfect combination of theory and hands-on training can make you an AI expert.

A machine learning specialist is a smart career that is involved in the development of AI algorithms and devices. As a Machine Learning engineer, you become a part of inventing and deploying innovative technologies. If you love designing and developing machine learning and deep learning systems, this career is for you

7. Accountants and Auditors

Do you know women are 61.7% of all accountants and auditors in the United States? Accountants and auditors prepare and analyse financial records. They ensure that financial records are accurate and assess financial operations to help ensure that organizations run efficiently.

If you possess good analytical skills, detail-oriented eye and critical thinking, this job role would be an easy option for you. However, interpersonal communication, time management skills and industry knowledge can help you excel as an accountant.

Let’s Wrap Up

Women today work in every job sector. Irrespective of gender, job roles are efficiently used to create much more innovations in our day to day lives. We have already read 7 smart career options for women. They are only seven among many. So which one have you chosen to shine?

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