7 Celebs Living Their Best Style Life Under Quarantine

Not all quarantines are created equal, and some of our favorite celebrities are doing the absolute most during their time at home! While our favorite stars don’t necessarily live just like we do, we can certainly seek some inspiration from their stay-at-home style.

From supermodel Chanel Iman showing us how to wear cute jumpsuits to Instagram’s Eva Chen using the (empty) streets of Manhattan as her own personal runway, here are seven celebs living their best style life under quarantine–and some tips for how to work the pieces they’ve been raving about into your own closet.

Chanel Iman takes her Zoom meetings in style.

Supermodel Chanel Iman has walked the biggest runways in fashion, so she’s no stranger to putting together show-stopping looks. While Chanel has been seemingly enjoying her time in quarantine with her beautiful family, she’s also been adding to her work-from-home wardrobe.

In a super cool tie-front jumpsuit layered over a sheer floral turtleneck and styled with bold gold jewelry and larger-than-life shades, Chanel posed for Instagram wearing her Zoom-ready outfit that’s worthy of way more than video calls. Hopefully she has this comfy, cool outfit set aside for brunch once restaurants are open again!

Making It Work: Chanel’s looks are all about getting creative with what you already have. Jumpsuits get a whole new life when layered over colorful separates. To complete this ensemble, accessorize to the max! It doesn’t matter whether you’re dressing for Zoom or the paparazzi, you’ll feel like a supermodel!

Beauty expert Jenna Rennert brings bold, colorful looks to her Catskills quarantine.

Jenna Rennert is a beauty expert who worked for Vogue for years, and she’s known for showcasing her bright, colorful and ultra-feminine style on Instagram. Jenna is just as natural in a frilly confection as she is in a comfy sweatsuit, and that’s what makes her looks so relatable.

Jenna has been spending her quarantine between her hip NYC apartment and lake house in the Catskills, so her quarantine looks have been the perfect mix of street style and cozy cabin wear.

Making It Work: Jenna loves to accessorize, and whether she’s jazzing up a babydoll dress with a sparkly satin headband or pairing a swimsuit with a sky-high ponytail up in a scrunchie, all of her outfits are worth copying! To make this work for you, the key is in the accessories. Look for pieces that have just a hint of sparkle to add some visual interest.

Selena Gomez makes athleisure extra fun with a pop of color.

Selena Gomez is an actress, singer, advocate and style star! She’s been very productive during her quarantine and has been taking us all along her journey of what she’s reading, listening to and learning from. Oh, and did we mention she’s launching a beauty brand soon, too!?

Selena also used her time at home to promote brand partnerships, styling her fun athleisure outfit with a cool pair of kicks. The look is just as trendy out for a run as it is for a day of lounging in the backyard.

Making It Work: There isn’t much to this look, but it ends up being super cohesive. A track suit, white T-shirt and chunky sneakers come together to make a really trendy quarantine outfit get-up that is flattering on everyone.

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Gal Gadot makes sweatsuits feel effortlessly cool.

Superwoman Gal Gadot has been relying on video calls to stay connected with her family the safe way, and there’s something so sweet about seeing how she shares screenshots to inspire others to keep distanced when they can. Online, Gal has also welcomed us into her home with her real-life looks, proving that even mega-celebs are fans of sweatsuits and slippers, too!

Making It Work: An all-black outfit is always sleek–even if it is a sweatsuit. You can recreate Gal’s cozy monochromatic look by putting together separates or investing in a two-piece set. Leopard print slippers add just the right amount of fierceness!

Mommy-to-be Katy Perry glows in boho ensembles.

Pop sensation and American Idol judge Katy Perry revealed that she was expecting a little girl right at the start of the pandemic, and her quarantine style has been carefree and boho, with a hint of glam! On her social media, she’s been sharing clips from her new music videos, which are super colorful and fun–just like Katy! It’s also nice that she’s been working masks into her outfits to help others feel confident in their choice to mask up, too.

Making It Work: Frilly tops, crochet details and a pair of sparkly earrings don’t need to be reserved for music festivals. Bring a bit of this boho vibe to your everyday look, no matter where your day takes you.

Taylor Swift proves cardigans aren’t just for the fall.

Leave it to Tay-Tay to drop a new album in the midst of a quarantine! In less than a month, Folklore is already number one on the Billboard charts. In addition to promoting her latest songs, Taylor Swift has given us a glimpse of her cozy life at home, sipping wine, spending time with her cats and enjoying the great outdoors. She’s committed to cozy cabin comfort, even naming one of her songs “Cardigan.”

Making It Work: Cardigans make for great layering pieces no matter the season! Whether you’re home in the AC or out for a walk in the mountains, layer a chunky sweater over black leggings and a plain white T-shirt for cozy comfort that’s still pulled together.

Instagram’s Fashion Partnerships Director Eva Chen brought high fashion to the (empty) streets of NYC.

While a lot of Eva Chen’s social media musings throughout quarantine have been about spending time with her kids and balancing a busy workload, the recent launch of Instagram’s “Reels” seems to have supercharged her inner stylist.

It’s been so special to see Eva plan out high fashion, runway-worthy outfits and film herself wearing them while she walks through the mostly-empty streets of Manhattan. She’s even invited her daughter Ren to join in on the fun!

Making It Work: You can recreate this unique concept for the ’gram, of course, but it might be a little less practical to wear a blacktie look to watch TV from the couch! One way to adapt this for every day might be to dress up for a Zoom dinner with friends, where you all order takeout and imagine you’re out somewhere fancy.

Celeb-Inspired Style

Following the lives of people we admire is a true guilty pleasure, and one of the amazing things about social media is that it’s given us the chance to learn more about how celebrities actually spend their time. Especially during quarantine, it’s been fun to see how our favorite public figures are living their lives stylishly–and safely–at home.