7 Feng Shui Bedroom Must-Haves

There are multiple benefits of having good feng shui in your bedroom interiors. While some of the benefits are very obvious, others are not. A good relaxing and comfortable ambience is one of the obvious benefits of feng shui. On the other hand, positivity, joyfulness, etc. are a few of the not so obvious feng shui benefits. Since we spend a lot of time in the bedroom, it is important to make sure that the atmosphere of the bedroom is welcoming and comforting. Mentioned below are a few must-haves of a feng shui bedroom:

01 of 07 A Good Bed

In a feng shui bedroom, the first thing you need to pay heed to is the bed. You should always opt for a good feng shui bed. It means you should buy a bed that does not have under-bed storage. This is important because air and energy can flow freely around and under your bed. Moreover, buying just a bed is not sufficient. In this home decor idea, it is very crucial to place the bed correctly in your bedroom interiors.

02 of 07 Support for Your Bed

A bed without proper energetic support is not recommended for a feng shui bedroom. It creates weak energy and affects your well-being negatively. If the bed features unbalanced energetic support, it will attract unbalanced relationships in your life as well. Hence, you should always opt for balance and provide some energetic support. You can consider installing nightlamps on both sides of the bed to make the bedroom feng shui compliant. These nightstands do not have to be identical. Also, you can lay a rug on the floor. A footboard or a bench at the foot of the bed helps in creating a feng shui bedroom.

03 of 07 Choose Colours That are Harmonious

Colour plays a very crucial role in creating a feng shui bedroom. Besides having a huge impact on the aesthetic appeal of your bedroom interiors, it helps in attracting positive energy as well. To attract more positivity in your life and ensure a good night’s sleep, only choose feng shui compliant colours for the bedroom. The most appropriate colours for a feng shui bedroom are hues that are considered skin colours. Hence, you get a lot of options while choosing the colour for your feng shui bedroom.

7 Feng Shui Must Haves for Your Bedroom | Romantic bedroom decor, Romantic  master bedroom, Romantic bedroom

04 of 07 Add Artwork to the Bedroom

There are many homeowners who love hanging artwork pieces on the bedroom wall. This home decor idea helps to enhance the room’s appeal and ensure that the room reflects your taste and preferences. However, adding artwork pieces to the bedroom interiors makes the room more feng shui compliant as well. Choose bedroom artwork pieces that are joyful and uplifting. They play a crucial role in setting the mood of the room and attracting more positive energy. Also, it is the last thing you see before sleeping and the first thing after waking up and hence, has an impact on your well-being as well.

05 of 07 Lighting is Important

What kind of lighting you choose for the bedroom interiors has a huge impact on your day-to-day life. To make a feng shui bedroom, the best lighting source is candles. With candles, you can create a very sensual and charming ambience in the bedroom. Also, you can purify the air in the bedroom by using natural candles. Various options like Himalayan salt lamps are quintessential for feng shui bedrooms as they attract positive energy besides lighting up the room. Do not install electric lights near the bed.

06 of 07 Power of Scent

There is no doubt about the fact that smell plays a crucial role in creating a positive bedroom environment. Create a very special mood in any space by using essential oil aromatherapy diffusers. They spread a beautiful aroma around the room and refresh the energy in your bedroom so that can you experience a serene and relaxing atmosphere at all times. You will easily find plenty of options while choosing the flavour including lavender, ylang-ylang, etc.

07 of 07 Choose Good Quality Fabric

Touch is one of the most powerful sensations. Hence, it is essential to choose fabrics for your bedroom interiors that feel soft, pleasurable, and comfortable when touching the skin. Experts recommend investing in quality and luxurious fabrics that make you feel cosy. You will easily find plenty of options while choosing the fabric.