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7 Interior Design Mistakes you should Avoid 

A good interior design completely changes the appearance of a space. However, if you make a small mistake, it can ruin the overall interior design. After years of working in the designing industry, experts have highlighted a few common mistakes made by most people that hugely diminish the aesthetics of any space. So, whether you are designing a studio or a luxury apartment, you should avoid making these mistakes:

1 ) Budget 

Most people are excited while changing the decor and designing the house. In this excitement, they often make the mistake of opting for designs that are out of their budget. This can create a lot of financial issues later. Hence, it is important to have a basic understanding of the total expenses and set a clear budget. In case you want something and cannot afford it at the moment, do not rush. You can upgrade the interior design later as well.

2 ) Measure All The Pieces 

While buying any item, it is important to be careful. The urge of buying an item when you see it in a showroom or online is understandable. However, you should not purchase it without giving it a thought. It can result in a very costly home design mistake. This is because that item might not fit properly in the room and turn out to be either too small or large for the home decor. As a result, interior design Vancouver the appeal of the setup will be completely ruined. Always ensure that you check the measurement of the item before purchasing it to avoid a costly mistake.

3 ) Do Not Paint Before Buying The Furniture 

One of the most common mistakes that people make while designing a house is that they choose to paint the wall first and then buy furniture pieces and decor items that will complement the wall colour. This should be avoided at all costs. Experts say to buy furniture pieces and decoratives first and then choose a paint colour that will complement the furnishings. It is much more convenient. In case you want a specific colour in the interior design, look for large furniture pieces in that shade.

4 ) Make The Design Contrasting 

People often prefer to follow the same theme throughout the house decor. However, it is important to add some other elements to it as well. Mismatch creates a contrasting effect that takes the boring and blank look away from the room. Overmatching will result in a very boring look. Buy decoratives from different sources so that you can avoid overmatching the elements.

5 ) Too Many Contrasting Elements Can Ruin The Appeal 

Similar to overmatching, undermatching is a problem as well. Do not buy too many contrasting items for the home decor. It will make the room appear quite weird and imbalanced. Experts always ensure to maintain a balance in the interior design while introducing contrasting items. Always ensure that you incorporate both matching and contrasting items in the interior design.

6 ) Different Furniture Elevation 

While designing any space, always remember that all the furniture pieces in the room should not be of the same height. Doing so will make the room appear very boring. For instance, imagine a city where every building is of the same size. Won’t it appear very boring? To escape this unattractive setup, it is essential to fill the room with furniture pieces of different heights and sizes. From artwork, window treatments to furniture pieces, everything should be elevated.

7 ) Do Not Place Artwork Too High 

Installing paintings and other artwork in the interior design is a way of showing off your personality. Although many homeowners incorporate them, they make a huge mistake while hanging them. It is strictly recommended to ensure that the artwork is not too high or too low so that the flow in the room is not hindered. They should be balanced with the furniture pieces installed in the room. The easiest way to avoid this mistake is to ensure that you install the artwork not higher than eight to ten inches from the furniture.