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7 Patek Philippe Watches that Everyone Wants to Have

When we talk about luxury watches, there is a certain prestige already with the likes of Rolex or Omega. No one can ever resist the intricate beauty of sophisticated dials, numerals, hands, and others. Anyone who sees you wearing a luxury watch will immediately see you in high regard. These calibers of watches are good enough, but on top of that, there is still the best of the best. Patek Philippe watches may be said to be one of the god-tier watches because of their exclusivity. Watchmakers create Patek Philippe watches with the utmost precision that each piece takes more than 9 months. Here are some of the best Patek Philippe watches of all time:

Perpetual Calendar Chronograph, Ref. 5970P

If there is one thing that Patek Philippe watches are famous for, it is how they create watches with intricate complications. This is the reason why the Perpetual Calendar Chronograph, Ref. 5970P is one of our lists. Upon seeing the Perpetual Calendar Chronograph, Ref. 5970P, you will realize how much of a treasure this watch is because of its complications. Watch collectors and connoisseurs love how it has a balanced proportion. Its diameter measures about 40mm. This watch is a harmony of modern and classical aesthetics.

This watch is made with 18-karat yellow gold. It is also available in platinum, rose gold, white gold. A watch of this caliber is popular, indeed. Some people say that this watch is the most collectible watch because it only takes a shorter time to produce it given its complications.

Nautilus, Ref. 5711/1A

This might also be one of the most iconic Patek Philippe watches ever. What you might say as its ancestor is the Nautilus ref. 3700. The design of the Nautilus Ref. 5711/1A will make sense upon seeing the Nautilus Ref. 3700 because its designer Gerald Genta designed this watch after being inspired by nautical motifs. On the anniversary of the Patek Nautilus watch, Patek Philippe released its new interpretation of the original Nautilus. The company released the Nautilus Ref. 5711 which has a more modern touch. It also has newly incorporated innovations like having better water and corrosion resistance.

This is because of using a higher grade of steel. The new Patek Philippe Nautilus is also more comfortable.

Patek Philippe, Ref. 570

For those who have an old soul, the Ref. 570 will be your best bet. This 35mm watch is also comfortable on the wrist. As for its design and style, Patek Philippe offers a lot of varieties. From 1938 to the year 1972, Patek Philippe has manufactured about 2,000 pieces that are available in yellow, white, and rose gold, and even platinum. You can also get it in two-tone. If you are looking for something relatively affordable, this will be your best bet. This costs around $10,000 and can easily reach $500,000 if you want to add rare specifications.

Patek Philippe Nautilus Watches: Some Good Things Truly Last - The Watch  Company

Patek Philippe, Ref. 2526

The Ref. 2526 is its first automatic watch with regular production. During the mid-1950s, this watch has been a hit within the market of luxury watches. The brand released around 3000 samples that are available in 4 case metals. Most of these timepieces have dials made from porcelain enamel with gold batons.

Watch connoisseurs also consider the caliber 12-600 AT as one of the most beautiful timepieces anyone has ever made. This is even used for a 35.5 case with water-resistant aspects.

First Ladies Chronograph, Ref. 7071

Gone are the days when wristwatches were only made for men. Even the enigmatic Patek Philippe released a watch that no one expected. They released the Ladies First Chronograph Ref 7071 that followed the iconic chronograph caliber developed by Nouvelle Lémania back in 1986. This is the best for those who prefer bigger watches. This has a case in a unique shape of cushion and has sophisticated complications that were unlikely for a woman’s watch at that time.

Patek Philippe, Ref. 3448

This was the sole perpetual calendar with self-winding engineering that was ever made during the time it was released. Everyone loved its sleek modern dial as well as its moon-phase indication. The Patel Philippe Ref 3448 remained to be a favorite for over 20 years. Remember what we said about the exclusivity of Patek Philippe watches? The brand made only 586 pieces of this watch in the 23 years since 1962. They made pieces in white or yellow gold, platinum, and even rose gold. Patek Philippe modified 7 of the 586 watches and removed its moon-phase design. They even created a watch showing leap years from these 7 watches.

18K Ellipse “Sigma Dial” Ref. 3605

Watch collectors say that this is a must-have for Patek Philippe collectors. Since it was produced in 1971, Patek Philippe only made less than 1200 samples for 9 years of this automatic and oversized timepiece. This watch features a 28-255C caliber automatic calendar. The brand released these in white and yellow gold.

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Here are just some of the best Patek Philippe watches of all time. The company exhibits the level of sophistication that the watchmaking industry has reached because surely, other Patek Philippe timepieces spark the taste of every watch connoisseur. If you are curious about finding more models of Patek Philippe, you can check out reliable online stores, like From bold and catchy pieces to simple, elegant but commanding ones, this online shop has the perfect watch for you!