8 Best Backless Wedding Dresses in 2021

Sleek, modern, and undeniably stunning, the backless wedding dress has become a trend to watch in recent years. The backless dress first appeared in the 1920s. By the 1930s, it was associated with sun-tanning fashion. Of course, weddings are often extravagant or sometimes intimate affairs. With that said, the day is simply unforgettable for all in attendance. When you attend a wedding and watch the bride walk down the aisle in a backless wedding dress, it is breathtaking to behold. Not only is the dress uber-fashionable, but it effectively slims and highlights curves. Now, as a prospective bride-to-be, you need to see it to believe it, right? Here are the eight best backless wedding dresses to wear in 2021: the hottest, the most flattening, the most spectacular.

The Sevyn Gown – White Cape Mermaid Backless Bridal Gown with Slit.

It simply doesn’t get better than this! The gorgeous Sevyn Gown is just right in its minimalism. The dress is made from smooth jersey fabric with polyester lining, has a slight stretch, and no sheer in sight! The dress flattens; a plunging v-neckline and low back, and even showcases a nude-coloured mesh insert and slit at the centre. Don’t simply take my word for it – isn’t she lovely?

Image via: Alamour The Label

The Katelyn Gown – White Crepe Mermaid Backless Bridal Gown with V-Neck.

WOW. I mean, seriously. Classy, beautiful, and simple, you can’t go wrong with this wedding dress. Unlike the Sevyn Gown’s smooth type of jersey fabric, the Katelyn Gown is made from thick crepe material but still features that slight stretch. Any bride would look stunning in this modern dress.

The Melis White Boho Beaded Bodice Bridal Gown.

Although there is no stretch to the Melis bridal gown, it is still outstanding. Just ensure that you look at the style guide before you make your purchase. To the girls who have never wanted an overly conservative or puffy wedding dress, Melis is for you – it is finally your time to make a statement. Cheeky and eye-catching, this backless gown belongs on all of the wedding dress lists.

The Carolin White Glitter Bridal Gown.

It is time for long sleeved-wedding dresses to make a comeback! Filled with shimmering glitter and a fit that would make any bride look beautiful, the Carolin gown is the cherry on top of a dream wedding day. The sleeves are glamorous and flowing, and the v-neckline is just low enough.

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The Lyana Beaded Bridal Gown.

This dress has also taken my breath away. Upon first seeing how the dress buttons up at the neck and showcases an open back, I couldn’t believe how clever and sophisticated this design was. Featuring luxe patterned fabric, a slightly puffy bottom, and highlighting beads and sequins, the Lyana gown is a head-turner, through and through.

The Martha Tulle Bridal Gown.

The Martha Tull gown is a dress made fit for a queen. At least, I think so. This is the wedding dress that little girls dream of, a feminine delight that is complete with an open back. The gown has a glittery bodice with a lovely waist bow detail – just beautiful.

The Elyse Bridal Gown.

Featuring white patterned sequins, sewn-in booty shorts, and a sexy fit, the Elyse bridal gown is another wedding dress fit for a queen. The dress is entirely glamorous, and its strappy back will make everyone in attendance want to marry you.

The Odila Lace Bridal Gown.

Actresses could wear this Odila wedding dress on television and film; it’s that timeless. Look like an angel in soft lace fabric and crisscrossing detail, and an exposed back.