8 Must-Have Summer Accessories for Men in 2023

First impressions matter. That’s why a man’s wardrobe can impact his self-confidence, career and love life. Summer is the perfect season for expressing your individual style; every detail is key, right down to the accessories. These personal touches can elevate your fashion sense and allow you to stand out. The right accessories will also show that you care enough to put time and effort into your appearance.

Accessory 1: A Stylish Timepiece

When it comes to the fashionable gentleman, wearing a handsome day watch with a metal band makes a statement of refinement. A great example of such an accessory is a Rolex men’s watch. The iconic brand enjoys a long history of using superb quality materials, outstanding watchmaking expertise, intricate Swiss-made handcrafting, and stunning timepieces fashioned with elegance, reliability and durability.

Luxury watches are a symbol of classic men’s summer style. The right timepiece completes the outfit and is functional, making it a wise investment. For many men, a watch is the only accessory they wear other than a wedding band. A timepiece serves as a symbol of status that can say quite a lot about its owner.

Accessory 2: Sunglasses That Complement Your Face Shape

A pair of cool shades is another example of classic summer accessories, and you have tons of options in price, design, color, and frame or lens material type. Not only are sunglasses an enhancement to your overall style, but they also serve as protection against harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, which are highest during the summer months.

Choosing sunglasses that complement your facial features isn’t always easy to do, but thanks to advances in digital technology, you can quickly determine the best pair to wear. Many brands offer a Virtual Try-on tool that uses sophisticated face scanning to analyze your face shape, size and features.

Accessory 3:Lightweight Footwear

You’ve got a great summer look with your fab shades and the ultimate handsome pre-owned Rolex, so now you need the ideal footwear to tie your look together. Despite what you may believe, people do notice your shoes. Footwear that looks beat up or dirty can instantly ruin your outfit. Consider lightweight footwear in a few styles to up your summer style game.

Shopping experts suggest footwear that delivers breathable comfort; their favorites include canvas sneakers, lightweight sandals, and espadrilles. All three can be worn casually with shorts, jeans and chinos. Also, try on no-show socks to keep your feet smelling fresh, avoid chafing, and wick away any sweat. These socks are invisible and won’t slip down your ankles.

Accessory 4:A Fresh Summer Scent

Fragrance may not seem like an accessory, but it truly is. Many men enjoy a scent that can become their signature. Aside from making a personal statement, fragrance can make one feel masculine and self-confident. During the summer, you can choose from a wide variety of fresh scents.  It’s nice to have more than one kind of fragrance that will suit your mood and the occasion.


When the temperatures soar, you don’t want to be masked in heavy fragrance. The ideal summer scents radiate a crisp and energizing overall effect.  Citrus is just one of the magical ingredients often found in a summery fragrance.

Accessory 5:A Knit Tie or a Bow Tie

This is something different and would be great for your collection. You probably own a number of silk ties, but these ties can seem a bit formal during summertime. That’s why adding a couple of knit ties or knit bow ties would be attractive for those steamy days and evenings. They strike a more casual note and feature an interesting texture; knit ties or knit bow ties can be worn with dress shirts and most outfits as well.

Accessory 6: A Webbed or Woven Belt

A belt is a very functional item in your wardrobe, but that doesn’t mean that this accessory has to be plain and boring in standard black or brown. Explore your options, and freshen up your summer outfit with new belts such as woven or webbed styles. They can add texture and pizzazz to your wardrobe.

For instance, canvas web belts with handsome brushed hardware can feature interesting patterns and bright colors. It’s a lighter look and approach to summer attire.

Accessory 7: A Summer Hat

There’s a hat for every head, and this is an important accessory for the summer season. Not only do hats provide practical benefits such as shielding your face from the sun, wind or rain, but they can add extra flair to your look. Maybe the typical baseball cap is your kind of hat — to amp this style, choose a top-brand baseball cap that doesn’t show off a logo or a sports team.

Perhaps, a straw fedora is your thing. This kind of hat is excellent at keeping you cool and classy and comes in a host of colors. A straw fedora looks fab when you’re lounging around at a beach party or even at an outdoor wedding. This hat protects your face from UV rays, and you can dress this hat up or down.


Accessory 8: A Proper Backpack

Put down the old fanny pack. What you need is a well-constructed, quality backpack for summer practicality. Big tote bags and satchels can feel and look cumbersome during summer. The stylish solution here is purchasing a backpack that can fit your needs and lifestyle and not make you sweat carrying the backpack.

Look for one that can hold your tablet, water bottles, snacks and notepads. There are all kinds of material options. The best types will resist tearing and snagging and offer highly water-resistant protection on rainy days.

Accessories Are the Stylish Icing on the Cake

We all have a personal style, and the accessories in our wardrobe can help define our desired look. Attention to detail makes a difference, and when you add these quality pieces during summertime, you can present a confident, polished and well-dressed appearance.