8 Quick Reasons Why You Should Have CISSP Certification

Why CISSP Certification?

CISSP certification which is revealed as a “certified information system professional” is recognized globally, valued, and one of the highest payment security certifications. CISSP is an approval stamp that you have a great ability to be absorbed in the field of cybersecurity and has all the knowledge and experience needed to become a professional cybersecurity. CISSP holders are trusted to look into business data & business information to prevent them from theft & manipulation.

Humongous request for CISSP is located on an annoying amount – “There are 1,30,000+ CISSP holders in 170 countries globally”.

CISSP is an internationally recognized benchmark benchmark that proves the capacity & intelligence of infosecurity professionals and thus, requires a lot of time, practice & CISSP training to get expertise and remove this certification exam.

In the following article, we will reveal what CISSP does, what is done by this holder and what is feasibility to get this certification, the benefits of CISSP certification, and job CISSP profiles and trends you can explore your path.

What is CISSP certification?

CISSP (certified information system security system) is a high level of accreditation that places validation on the expertise and information competence / Cybersecurity Professionals. Professional with CISSP certification reflects high skill & knowledge levels, deploying, managing, improving the security system of every business – to make it protect & responsive to all cyber intruders or attacks.

CISSP was introduced in 1994, and has since been recognized as the highest standard bar in information security.

That is the first is certification to meet the ISO / IEC standard specifications 17024.

The exam is done in 114 countries (882 locations), in 8 different languages.

CISSP examination.

This certification exam is 6 hours long and has 250 questions. Even though the test seems difficult to solve, strict CISSP online training can help create a solid learning base on the following concepts that this exam ranges:

Investigation Act and Ethics

Security and Architecture Model

Physical security

Best management practice.

Network security and telecommunications

Security operation.

Access control system and methodology

Application Security System and Development


Disaster Recovery Plans and Business Continuity

What role is accounted for by CISSP holders in general?

Professional Job Role CISSP

Create & Maintain a protected security system

Suspect & Mitigation of Cyber ​​Threats

Prepare security documentation

CISSP professionals are responsible for creating responsive & protected information security systems for business – to protect their data, assets & networks from unauthorized access & operations.

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They are required to remain vigilant & intuitive about alleged threats and produce previous plans – which can stand suitable during contingency.

They collect security metrics, identify risks, suspect deviations in the security framework, and prepare detailed documentation of the situation to help with further decision making.

What is the feasibility criteria for conducting CISSP certification?

Candidates who are interested in CISSP examination need to have 5 years of cooperation experience with two or more than 2 years in the prescribed domain under ISC2 CISSP CBK.

Candidates who do not have previous work experience can also provide examinations but they will not be eligible for CISSP certificates. They prefer to be awarded the ISC2 certification association, and after that, if they pursue their work for a sustainable 6 years in the domain determined by ISC2 CISSP CBK, they will succeed in getting CISSP.

Why is there a demand that jumps for CISSP professionals?

Demand for CISSP professionals increases with the number of rejans due to continuous interaction of the organization with prone activities of threats in the cyber world.

The 2019 Venture Cybersecurity Report has concluded that the cost of Cybercrime will reach an assessment of $ 6 million – double doubled from 2015.

Also, Gisws (Global Information Security Survey) 2017 estimates that the lack of professional info-security will reach 1.5 million by 2020.

These figures and facts clearly state that this field must be very popular and anyone dipping their feet in this certification can stand to be part of the Cybersecurity world quickly.

Benefits of CISSP certification – Why do you need to train it?

Benefits of CISSP certification

Field of Growing & Development

Big prestige field

High remuneration


Great learning scope

Stable job

Being a CISSP holder is no less than an honor. If you hold this certification, it proves that you have all the knowledge, caliber, and expertise to maintain business assets & digital network systems from threats & vulnerabilities. Holders are positioned in a globally recognized job profile, very respectful and prestige. Because demand in this field has soared, you as a certified professional has an extraordinary opportunity to pocket the desired salary scale because it is one of the highest payment security certifications.