A Comparison Site Helps You Find The Best Places To Shop

A Comparison Site Helps You Find The Best Places To Shop

Online shopping has considerable advantages: you can shop online anywhere, anytime. But with so much on offer online, it can get tricky when in most cases, you probably don’t even have time to spot all the new clothes shops out there.

Today, online shopping and comparison shopping is more popular than ever. Of course, traditional brick-and-mortar stores are still attractive places to shop, and especially now after the pandemic. What better way to spend your day off than in one of the countless clothes shops in a city centre or shopping mall, enjoying lunch and coffee, or maybe even a glass of champagne!

Why Have Comparison Sites Been Created?

As said, there are various comparison sites that you can find. But why would someone start running this type of a site, especially around clothes, fashion and shopping? We asked from a well-known Finnish comparison site for clothing stores, Parhaat vaatekaupat.

According to the site owners, the idea came from their own needs. The site owners themselves do not like going to brick-and-mortar stores or using a search engine, such as Google, to find different clothing stores.

After a painfully long shopping spree, the duo behind the website gathered their thoughts and wondered why not have all the best clothes shops on the web in one place? Why not have a single website where you could pick out the best clothes shops for you in easy categories?

They got excited and soon after that, the site was already launched. Their comparison site is there to help especially Finnish customers to make better decisions about the different clothing stores.

One Site Does Not Fit All

Each of us is a different kind of shopper: some of us value fast delivery, while others prefer to find specific brands or colours in the shops. Whatever type of shopper you are, you’ll find a wealth of information on these types of sites about the different online clothing stores and their services.

In Parhaatvaatekaupat.fi’s list for instance, you can see not only all the payment methods accepted by your clothing shop, but also the interest-free payment periods they offer. You can easily see whether you can buy clothes on account and how long you can get interest-free payment for your purchases. In most cases, you will be granted a payment period of between a couple of weeks and a month.

Sites Answer Questions Such As; Can I Get Consumer Credit In Clothes Shops?

Clothing stores do not actually offer consumer credit in the traditional sense of the word. Instead, you can buy clothes on account. Of course, the invoice and installment facility can also be considered as part of consumer credit, as you do not have to pay for your purchase from your account or card immediately. However, in addition to invoices and instalments, some clothing shops also offer a more traditional consumer credit option. One example is Ellos that is very well known in the Nordic countries.

Ellos consumer credit is not specifically defined for clothing or for the company’s own products, but is a separate service in its own right. So if you apply for an Ellos personal loan, you can use it for whatever you want.

Do Sites Help To Find Cheap Clothes Online?

Some comparison sites are focused on finding the best prices for different clothes. Parhaatvaatekaupat, on the other hand, wanted to go in a different direction. This website does not compare shops in terms of their affordability. The owners of the site do not tell you where to find cheap clothes. There are many reasons for this. Most of the reason is that the task would be practically impossible – at least when the website is actually run by just two women.

Also, clothing stores tend to contain a myriad of products. Bubbleroom and Ellos, for example, have high-end designer brands, but they also offer you a good selection of their own collections.

The price of a clothing store’s own collections is usually much lower than that of the better-known designer brands. In other words, the price range between different products and brands is so wide that it is difficult for a single clothing shop to distinguish itself as the cheapest shop.

You can find cheap clothes online ordered from abroad from a wide variety of places. Parhaatvaatekaupat.fi does not deal entirely with foreign clothing shops, but each company they recommend operates within the framework of Finnish and European Union laws.

So you will always find reliable companies where the safety of the customer is properly taken care of.

Branded Clothing At A Discount

Whatever the economic situation, most of us are looking – at least occasionally – for clothes at a discount. This also applies to branded clothing, which, fortunately for women and men who spend the exact euro, they can buy several times a year. The big fashion houses change their collections quite quickly. This means that clothes, bags and accessories that are still fully in line with the latest trends are on sale in rapid cycles.

Parhaatvaatekaupat.fi tells you all the latest offers, promotions and special codes from our recommended clothing stores. This applies to both basic brands and designer brands.

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