Advantages Of Wearing A Maternity Bra

If you are pregnant, then you must be familiar with the discomfort of wearing your every-day bra. When your body grows, your regular bra does not fit you well and often end up causing irritation and chaffing. This is because ordinary bras are not designed to accommodate the growth of your breasts during the pregnancy and nursing period.

Maternity bras are specially designed to provide optimum comfort to the breast during multiple stages of pregnancy and nursing. Below we have highlighted some of the prominent benefits associated with maternity bras and why you need to shop now.

Maximum Comfort

Maternity bras are designed without underwire, but they are still capable of supporting your breasts. Regular bras, and the other hand, come with underwire to offer additional support.

These wires push against the soft tissue of your skin, resulting in swelling and aching. Maternity bras feature cotton underlining that offers optimum comfort to reduce sensitivity from chaffing.


When you wear a regular bra, you always have to take it off to feed your baby – This is too much of a hassle. Maternity bras are designed with clips that are easy to hook as well as unhook. This allows you to have quick access to your breasts while feeding the baby.

Better For Nursing

Some maternity bras are designed in a way that you can comfortably sleep in. They feature seamless double-layered cups that you can wear with or without the pads. Moreover, nursing camisoles are other options that are perfect for day as well as night time.

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Good For Your Health

According to some experts, underwire in the regular bras may put extra pressure on your milk ducts, restricting them. Prolonged pressure on the milk duct can result in mastitis, a medical condition that makes you feel quite uncomfortable. Maternity bras are comfortable as well as supportive and do not put any pressure on your breasts.

They ensure that there is healthy blood flow within the soft tissues of the breasts. Conditions like mastitis may impact your baby’s well-being as well. So wearing a nursing bra is important for yours as well as your baby’s health.

Maximum Flexibility

Increasing breast size is one of the prominent changes that a woman witness during nursing. A maternity bra is made to accommodate the growing volume of your breast comfortably.

These bras are made of materials like spandex, which will never make you feel restricted. Furthermore, they come multiple hooks on the back, which makes nursing bras more adjustable.

Perfect Shape

Women often worry that without a supportive underwire, maternity bras make your breasts sag. Contrarily, using suffocating wire will result in the collection of fluids as well as soft tissues, making your breasts appearing saggy and out of shape. A nursing bra is excellent for holding the shape of your chest and minimize the impact of gravity.

During pregnancy and nursing, your body goes through a lot of changes. The growing size of the breast is one of the changes. Maternity bras are designed to provide maximum comfort to your breasts and maintain their health.