Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips: How to Extend Your AC’s Life?

AC works all day long for our needs. It’s our protection from the heat in summer, keep us cool indoors. You must follow the basic maintenance process so that AC has a longer life. Like any other machines, even AC has an expiration date, we are going to list out the points to prolong its life to the maximum. To find out which AC is best for you to buy and for more tips to maintain, keep checking James & Co blog page.

Let’s see the maintenance tips for AC life:

Air Filters Must Be Cleaned on a Monthly Basis:

Set a day of the month so it becomes a monthly chore by default, Replacing the air filters quarterly for a better performance as an unclean filter will strain the A/C unit.

Vacuum the Air Ducts & Vents along with the Air Filters:

Clean air duct increases the potency of your air conditioner to keep air clean, & to prolong the lifetime of A/C units.

Keep the A/C unit as far as possible from any dust producing matters:

Keep the A/C unit as far as possible from grass, leaves, dirt, cobwebs, or any other dusty particles. Offer a minimum one feet clear space for your AC unit which allows best air flow by making the process easier.

Placing the AC Unit Properly is an Important Factor:

If the unit is not fixed properly, it damages the unit due to shaking disturbances. Make sure the AC unit is not left hanging without proper support.

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For your Indoor Cooling Don’t keep the A/C unit in Direct Heat:

Shade is a good hack for raising your A/C unit’s potency. Daylight on a unit will produce triple-digit heat—heat on your unit will fight against supplying you with cool air. Add a nursing sunshade or sun shade high on top of the unit that can prolong ACs life.

Some Maintenance Needs Professional’s Assistance:

When you buy any AC via online, technicians will assist you with a wide range of A/C hacks for life-extension, as well as improving the evaporator and condenser coils within the unit. Over time, these coils can become coated in dirt, dust, and grime, which prevents them from riveting heat and cooling the air.

Coil Fins need Occasional Scrutiny, as well:

If these delicate aluminum components happen to bend out of form, they’ll really block air flow. Regular air conditioner repair ought to embrace these fins back to form.

  • For best Results, rent a Maintenance Technician to Examine your A/C Annually:

Additionally, your technician will examine the condensation drain, refrigerant lines, motor, and fan blades within your air conditioner unit and build necessary repair or replacements.

Checking Fluid Levels Occasionally is Mandatory too:

During an annual A/C unit checkup checking fluid levels is important too. Absence of adequate fluids will place an inessential strain on the machine that shortens its life.

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Points to Remember:

The best way to prolong the lifespan of your AC unit is to Keep the Outdoor Unit Clean & Clear, Check Airflow from The Vents, Schedule Regular Maintenance, Turn Off Other Unused Electronics, Change the Air Filter, Use Window Coverings, Buy split AC from online store like James & Co.

If you buy Air Conditioner via online store like James & Co, a technician will come in for a maintenance check, you could have him include duct cleaning if that is included in your agreement. Otherwise, we suggest you look into it & clean it every year – which ensures to clean off any dust which tampers your A/C performance.

When your AC is older, it is wise to spend on a new duct for your AC or you can buy a new split ac online by replacing your old one to reduce the power consumption. On the other hand, you could also buy central AC online instead of having AC units in several rooms, this also assists on your EB & it provides steady temperature for the entire house.

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