Altbalaji Gets to The Bottom to Solve the Mystery On Who’s Your Daddy 2

Altbalaji Gets to The Bottom to Solve the Mystery On Who’s Your Daddy 2

Huddle, people. The word is out. Bhaisahab, iss baar gully gully mein shor hai, Shooshan ke daddy ki khoj hai. In fact, Who’s his daddy has become the hottest topic of the town. Ab mamla hi itna garam, toh ALTBalaji iss ki jadh mein toh jaega hi na. Hell yes. With the excitement to unravel the mystery of Shooshan’s lapata daddy, ALTBalaji has gone above and beyond.

Taking to Twitter, ALTBalaji asked the most intriguing question to multiple celebrities of the industry including Rahul Dev, Akshay Oberoi, and Karan Kundrra. And the outcome? Dher sari masti and kaafi fun. Vishwas nahi ho raha? Arey ye lo, khud hi dekh lo:

Tweet to Karan Kundrra

Tweet: “Apni memory pe thoda zor daalna; kahin aap toh Shooshan ke daddy nahi hain? #WhosYourDaddy Season 2.”

Karan’s reply: Meri loss waali memory ki kasam mai nahi hu shooshan ka daddy 😉 Par thoda dhundne se mil jaaega!!#Who’sYourDaddy, season2 mein #ALTBalaji par!”

Tweet to Akshay Oberoi

Tweet: “#HumTumAndThem bhi jaante hai ki aap sabse pehle prospect hai iss baap ke game mein, are you Shooshan’s daddy?”

Akshay’s reply: “Kya yaar tum toh judge karne lag gaye! Lekin so sad to let you down, hum nahi hai aur jo hai usse dekh lena #WhosYourDaddy Season 2 @altbalaji.”

After a series of fun banter with multiple celebs on Twitter, how could anyone NOT get in touch with the OG- Rahul Dev- the man who started it all. Well, we had our doubts about him yet again. But hey, let’s hear it all out from the man himself.

Recently, ALTBalaji shared a small video starring Rahul Dev on Instagram with a caption, “Verified

@rahuldevofficial ne toh sabka confusion dur kar diya. Lekin Shooshan ki zindagi ke confusion ka double explosion kaun suljhayega? Kaun hai Shooshan ka daddy?

Yeh toh waqt hi bata paayega, aa jaana kal dekhne #WhosYourDaddy, season 2 ka teaser on #ALTBalaji.”

So, what did you think? Well, we are sure that you must be eagerly waiting for the answer. But trust us, so is Shooshan. So, come let’s help him solve the most anticipated question of the season- Who’s his Daddy? Ek baari bhagwan dhundhna asan hai par inke daddy nahi. Toh kya karega Shooshan? Janane ke liye dekhiye Who’s Your Daddy Season 2 web series streaming from 22nd December.

Starring Bhavin Bhanushali, Sameeksha Sud, Anushka Sharma, Lata Shukla, Heer Kaur, and many more, Who’s Your Daddy 2 is a tale of a young teenager and his sole mission of finding his dad. Usse bus itna pata hai ki vo rishte mein uske baap lagte hai par unka naam nahi. Ye kisi ko nahi khabar. Bus yehi dhoondne nikle hai humare Shooshan. Toh chalo milke sath dhundhte hai iske. Get started with an affordable ALTBalaji subscription package today and voila! You will have all your answers.

Watch out for Paurashpur, Crashh releasing soon on ALTBalaji

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