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Atmos Boss – A Look at the Vaporizer Pen – Vape Review

The vaporizer pen has made it easier than ever to vape and finally made it possible for people to give up smoking, without giving up the ability to enjoy aromatic blends and waxes in public. While there are a number of wax vape pen models on the market that offer very good vaping experiences, the development of the herbal vaporizer pen has sort of lagged behind.

Don’t get me wrong. I know there are a number of herbal vape pen products out there, but with most of these herbal vaporizer pens, you’re not truly vaping. Nearly all of the     Business Intelligence    early vapor pen products made for dry herbs ended up burning material and giving off smoke, rather than vapor.

After experiencing combustion with many vaporizer pens, I’m always hesitant to try out a new herb vaporizer pen, so I was skeptical when I got the Atmos Boss True vaporizer pen for weed, which promises to truly vaporize dry herbs. Still, I decided to put the AtmosRX Boss to the test, and I’m pleased to report, it does have you vaping “like a boss” when you use it correctly.

During my tests with the Atmos Boss vaporizer, I did not have any problems with combustion whatsoever. Atmos RX has finally mastered the art of heating regulation to the point that you get steady vapor production from dry herbs without a burned taste or a harsh draw. I will say that the clouds from the Atmos Boss vape pen are a little smaller than what you get from otherherbal  vaporizor  pens, but the quality makes up for the quantity.

Like other vaporizer pens, the Atmos RX Boss is simple to use. You only have a single button to deal with, and maintenance is rather easy. One thing you do have to be careful of with the Atmos Boss is how you prepare your herbs. Make sure that you grind extra fine, and only fill the chamber loosely. If you pack the herbs in too tightly, you won’t get steady vapor production. It’s also important that you dry your herbs out well before you load the chamber. I recommend spreading them out on a sheet of ordinary paper and letting them sit for a few minutes before you load.

In addition to providing good quality vapor, the AtmosRX Boss has a nice discreet design. You really can’t tell that it’s not an electronic cigarette, so you can use it in public without much worry. I did find that the stainless steel housing at the top of the Atmos Boss vaporizerpen gets hot to the touch pretty quickly. Make sure you hold it at the bottom, so you don’t end up with hot fingers.

All in all, I would recommend the Atmos Boss True Vaporizer Pen to anyone who wants to actually be vaping and not smoking when they use an herbal vaporizer pen. As I said, cloud size is limited. Still, this not the best vape pens out there, but itis a good buy overall. It is a little pricy at around $120, but dry herb vapes that are less expensive likely will end up combusting your material.