Author: joycebailey

Health Benefits Of Eating A Brazil Nut

Brazil nuts or Castanha do pará in Portugues are tree nuts native to the Amazon rainforest in Peru, Bolivia, and of course, Brazil. Its buttery and smooth texture, as well as its nutty flavor are usually enjoyed blanched or raw. Brazil nuts are highly nutritious, energy-dense, and considered one of the selenium’s most concentrated dietary […]

5 Cool Hats For Baby Boys

It’s not a bad idea to throw a fancy hat on your baby boy’s head for an extra layer of protection from the sun and winter chills or to make them look good. It’s all about saving their hairless scalp and chubby cheeks from the sun’s rays or cold air during winter while still ensuring […]

How Do You Find the Right Locksmith?

Whether it is your home or company, it can be incredibly inconvenient and stressful to get locked out of your house. When you need them, having a trustworthy, 24-hour locksmith you can call can provide you with peace of mind when you are in a pinch. Locksmiths are practitioners who have been trained to deal […]

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