Autumn/Winter 2020/2021 Travel

Worsening virus outbreaks throughout Europe, North America, South Asia, and South America are making it difficult to issue an accurate prediction as to when the global travel industry will recover. Once the restrictions are relaxed, we could see a sharp increase in travel around the world. Results indicate that the desire to travel among consumers in hardest-hit areas is high. Despite the current health risks, people are eager for a change of scenery.

Prolonged Isolation Resulting In More Travel

Because people haven’t lost their motivation to travel, we could still see some growth in winter 2020/2021, especially in areas where the pandemic is relatively well under control. In Europe and the Far East, the spread of pandemic has been slowed down. The COVID-19 outbreak puts a new spin on why people decide to travel. This allows them to relax and escape the distressing situation. Previously, the motive was to unwind from work stresses, but now it’s to compensate for the prolonged isolation.

Tourism destinations around the world will be officially opened in autumn and winter 2020. Although there could be limitations on the number of people who are allowed to travel, it will ensure steady growth in the travel industry. However, there will be fewer passengers allowed inside airplanes and, in hotels, activities will be relatively reduced. As an example, it’s no longer possible for travellers to go to swimming pools and restaurants freely, without exercising physical distancing efforts. The cruise ship industry may take longer to recover. We saw that during the start of the outbreak, coronavirus transmission happened very easily inside cruise ships. A few infected individuals inside cruise ships can quickly spread the disease to hundreds of other passengers.

New Winter Travel Destinations For Autumn/Winter 2020/2021   

During winter, people usually go to areas with warm weather and with the numbers of new cases are going down in Spain, France, Italy, and Greece, we could see a travel spike in the Mediterranean region. It is important for travellers to continue adhering to regulations implemented by local authorities to ensure their safety and the safety of those around them.

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