Skin Care

Balanced Your Skin Ph Problem With Koreskincare Bovine Colostrum

The pH of our skin is slightly acidic and this acts as a barrier against external aggressions. Maintaining that ideal pH contributes to the strength of our skin barrier.

The cutaneous barrier or horny layer is the outer part of the skin. The normal pH of the skin makes the enzymes that work in the horny layer do it correctly and slow down the normal breakdown of the skin while regenerating it.

What Is The Ph Of Our Skin?

According to the most recent research, the pH of the most superficial layer of our skin is around 5. This protective mantle of the skin is slightly acidic to protect it from infections and other attacks, since it hinders the proliferation of fungi and bacteria.

The pH scale goes from 1 to 14 and the neutral pH, technically speaking, is situated at 7. Another thing would be the neutral pH for the skin, which is around 5 and is the one that helps it preserve its natural acidity and that , in cosmetics, it is considered as ideal. A product that had a pH of 7 would be too alkaline for our skin and, therefore, harmful.

All our kore skin care products come to contact with the skin, such as gels, foams and lotions, bovine colostrum cream have a neutral pH for the skin and therefore do not irritate the skin, contrary to substances that are too alkaline or acidic.

Alterations In The Ph Of The Skin And Consequences

But sometimes this balance is disturbed and the pH of the skin can rise to 6 or 7. This can be due to poorly formulated hygiene and cosmetic products that do not respect the natural pH of the skin. Other reasons that can alter this pH are dry skin, which increases with age, neurodermatitis, acne and sensitive or inflamed skin.

A slight increase in the pH of the skin causes enzymes to poorly regulate various processes that take place in our skin barrier. Among the negative effects, the skin loses resistance and the regeneration processes of the cutaneous tissues are impaired.

We will notice it when we see that the skin becomes dry, flaky and sensitive due to the loss of moisture and its general appearance visibly worsens.

What Can I Do To Achieve An Ideal Skin Ph?

First of all, we must pay attention to the pH of the products we use to cleanse and hydrate our skin. Scientific studies carried out by KORE Skincare Australia have shown that treating aging skin twice a day with cosmetic products with a pH of 5 maintains the pH of the skin at optimal levels that are not usual in mature age and thus improves the barrier function that protects us from external aggressions.

And since, if you’ve read this far, you probably have sensitive skin, we want to recommend our body care range, especially the soft skin gift pack, which contains a shower gel and a light body lotion. Both products have been developed especially for dry and sensitive skin. And we make them with bovine colostrum and almond essential oil, to offer you high levels of hydration and nutrition for the skin. Obtaining as a result a less sensation of tension, the prevention of irritated skin and the restoration of the natural balance of the skin.