Beat Covid-19 With A Virtual Baby Shower

Baby Shower

We have been hit very hard here in Australia, as the Coronavirus spread across the country, and if you happen to be expecting a baby in the near future, you will obviously be concerned by the current Covid-19 situation. At such a time, it is not wise to have a baby shower, yet there are online solutions that comes in the form of a virtual baby shower, which you can host.

  • Zoom – The best software for group social events, Zoom can be downloaded for free and it allows you to have video and audio contact with multiple people at the same time. You will need to ask all guests to download and install Zoom on their digital device, and it is wise to arrange a dress rehearsal, when you will invite all the guests to join in a virtual meeting. This allows for issues to be resolved before the party begins, plus the guests will feel more confident after a trial run.
  • Baby Shower Gifts – You could send a link to all the guests for a leading Australian baby gift supplier, such as CMC Gold BIBS dummies and guests can purchase gifts and have them sent to your home address prior to the party date. When the virtual party begins, mum can open each gift in the virtual presence of all the guests, which will be a lot of fun for everyone.
  • Party Games – As the host, you should do a little online research and find some fun games that everyone can play. Ideas include ‘guess mama’s waist measurement’, whereby each guest types their guess into the Zoom chat window, then your partner actually measures your waist and the person who was closest is the winner. If you want to include some quizzes, send the guests printed answer sheets that they can use on the day, and everyone can interact in much the same way they would if they were in the same room. Here is an interesting article that highlights party ideas for your elder ones.
  • Preparation – As the host, it is your duty to prepare the program for the event, and when you are sure of a schedule, send the details to the guests, along with any special instructions like wearing silly hats or preparing photos of themselves when they were babies and sending them to you. You can then create a slideshow and asks guests if they know who the baby is, which is always a lot of fun. Once you have created a list of games, make sure to inform the guests if they must prepare things, otherwise it will be chaos.

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With the Covid-19 situation changing by the day, it is important to keep abreast of Australian government updates, as this could affect you in many ways. It might actually be possible to invite your guests to your home for the baby shower, although it is probably best to keep things virtual, at least until a vaccine arrives.

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