Best Nasty Juice E-Liquid Flavours Review

Nasty juice E liquid is the best premium E liquids ruling the vaping industry as they offer a catalogue of flavours which are irresistible and divine and has received a lot of acclamations from the critics. It comes in varied flavours and textures such as sweet candy collection, mint range and tobacco flavours. Each flavour is unique and is a feast to the eyes while leaving an explosion of divine flavours in the mouth. It has become a trend with the vapers be it an amateur or the seasoned vapers.

Nasty juice E liquid is available in different sizes and capacity. It comes in an economical pack of 10 ml with 0 mg -18 mg nicotine strength, 50 ml shortfills are available which come in the ratio of 70%VG, perfect for cloud chasers and compatible with sub ohm devices. The salt range is available with 10mg and 20 mg nicotine strength. 60ml is another delectable range offered and comes in a lucrative and attractive aluminium tin with a tight lid which ensures that the vaping liquid is safe and convenient to carry anywhere and keeps intact the quality and taste of it.

Nasty juice Crush Man E-Liquid

The best Nasty juice E liquid flavour, Cush man, is super popular as it is an exotic fusion of the mango fruit with icy mint to give a cooling vape on the sunny garden days and leaves a refreshing taste in the mouth. The Nasty flavour gained an intense popularity and that the brand came up with their signature Cush man series which is the blending of the delectable fruits and takes the experience to the next level.

Nasty Juice Grape 50/50 E-Liquid

Another Nasty juice flavour which has made it to the league of the best Nasty E liquid is the Grape 50/50 which is a heaven in delight experience as it is a concoction of sweet dark black grapes with the luscious berries layered with mint to give the rich and intense vape experience and is available in 6,12 and 18mg Nicotine strength.

Nasty Juice Fat Boy E-Liquid

Another prestigious and exquisite Nasty Juice is Nasty Fat boy which provides a powerful punch of taste with the fusion of mangoes, mint and citrus and turns the vaping experience into a sensational one and is available in the VG/PG ratio of 70/30 and is compatible with sub ohm devices with the massive cloud formation and is a go getter for the cloud chasers.

Nasty Juice devil teeth 10 ml is another unique and creative representation by the brand which has rich intense honeydew flavour with the hint of mint to give a cool and refreshing vape. It is available in the multipack of 10ml with 5 bottles having 0mg, 3mg or 6mg nicotine strength. This is in high demand for the vapers who desire large amount of E liquids and do not want to deal with the shortfills. It works perfect with sub ohm devices.

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