Best Style Guide for New Eyeglasses in 2021

Best Style Guide for New Eyeglasses in 2021

Entering the new year 2021 is a fantastic feeling, and many of us want to do everything the previous year has stopped us from doing. Although 2020 showed us many things, the one important thing it taught us is to take great care of our overall health. One great way of doing this is taking care of your eye health. If you are looking for a resolution to take your visual style to a new level, you’ll find this guide helpful.

Vision Direct has some incredible eyewear brands for you that are also budget-friendly and high-quality. You can easily shop from here at your convenience, and with the introduction of the latest technologies like Virtual Try-On and Lens Scanner, shopping there is fun and authentic.

Let’s have a closer look at the fashion trends and styles that you can get in the year 2021 to add a new fashion statement to your look.

Oversized Aviators – SmartBuy Collection Tempe

These are cooler and better to use as a fashion statement in the year 2021. They come with the stainless aviator that comes directly from the SmartBuy Collection. They refresh your look, are light on your pocket, and last for an extended period.

You can use Vision Direct’s Virtual Try-on tool to take a good selfie video to figure out how you will look in the glasses that you have chosen for yourself.

Blue Light Glasses – Arise Collective Cameron Blue Light

2020 was a time of quarantining, which made us spend most of our time either working, studying, or even relaxing in front of computer or smartphone screens. The excessive screen exposure to blue-light rays badly damages your eyes and can cause you long-term vision problems. However, these blue light eyeglasses can protect you from these harmful rays and prevent your eyes from all the detrimental effects that these blue lights cause to you.

To avoid the issue, you can go for these glasses. Transparent glasses like these are all in fashion trends these days. They match every outfit and look perfect on each face shape.

Bright & Colourful Frames – SmartBuy Collection Laurie

Now is the time to inject some new and vibrant colors into a bit more neutral wardrobe. This can make you more memorable and remarkable in the gatherings. With these SmartBuy Collection Laurie frames, you can add more striking color and style to our look at the cost of just $16!

Elegant Reading Glasses – SmartBuy Readers Elvi

The concept that reading glasses are boring, plain, and simple is rejected by these classy and trend specs by SmartBuy Readers. This year is meant to add some contemporary style to your lives. These tortoise-shell glasses from SmartBuy Readers will keep you at the top of fashion trends and will let you have the good compliments coming all day long.

You can now quickly check out some more trendy designs from Vision Direct and can try out their zFORTTM blue light blocking technology that you can get at your checkout time.

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