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Birthday Party Ideas For Your 18 Year Old Friends

Becoming a 18 year old teen is among the most exciting event in a person’s life. This is the time when a boy is regarded as a grown man while a sweet young girl starts to be a woman. Being an important event, there is significance to make this a celebration worth remembering!

Some of the ideas that you can follow are:

1) Mask Party

Many girls like to wear dazzling attire and having a mask party combined with interesting clothes is surely an activity that your female friends will like. Incorporating some form of elegance and mystery will up the level of fun and excitement. The guests can bring their own attire and mask to hide their identity which will make the event highly fascinating.

2) Luxurious Night

As your female 18 year old friends are becoming adult soon, why not let them enjoy one of the most luxurious 18th birthday party ideas? Rent a limousine for the night of their lives whereby they can live a life of extravagance.

To prepare for the night, get them to a salon where they can doll up themselves including their nails and faces and then dress up like queens. Try to have a birthday party venue that has majestic architecture.

3) Paintball Party

If your friends like outdoor thrills, why not consider having a game of paintball? There are quite a number of venues that offer an exciting game of paintball between 2 teams. Run round the fighting arena with your weapon and shoot to their hearts’ content.

4) Outdoor Movie

Among the most 18th birthday party themes are those that incorporate movie into the birthday theme. Many people love movies, especially teenagers. Rent a projector and a large screen in a backyard, and lay out comfortable sheets and pillows. In addition, allow a sleepover and give your guests the option to come in their sleeping attire and sleeping bags.

5) Water Party

A water party allows your teenage friends to have fun games at the pool or beside the pool. Buy snacks and fizzy drinks which they can consume while they are not inside the water.

If you prefer a large scale, find the nearest water theme park and hold the birthday event there.

In summary, organizing a birthday party for your friends can be challenging, however, with sufficient planning, you will be able to come out with an enjoyable and fun-filled event.