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Blue Sapphire, Gemstone

Blue sapphire is one of the most beautiful and precious gemstones. It has a great history. In ancient Persia people believed the sky was the reflection of the blue sapphire stone. In the Hindu scriptures it known as ‘Pukhraj’ stone. King in the ancient time used to gift the Blue sapphire gemstone to queen as the symbol of love, loyalty, and romance. It was believed that gifting these stones made their relation stronger. Blue Sapphire is the gemstone symbolizing Saturn. Saturn is a particular planet which though is farthest in our solar system; there is a strong effect on human beings.

Blue sapphire has different sorts of belief in different religions. In the Hindu community, it is believed that the blue sapphire stone protects the wearer from evil eyes and brings opportunities in life. But Buddhist believes it has a divine power that brings spiritual enlightenment and devotion. And in Christianity, people wear it as an ecclesiastical ring. In a nutshell, blue sapphire is a powerful gemstone that improves your living physically and spiritually. It is a strong stone which develops a unique ability within the owner’s body.

How to wear the blue sapphire gemstone?

To get all the religious and astrological benefits, one must wear the stone with right procedures. First of all, consult the astrologer about the stone if it matches your zodiac sign. Then follow these religious procedures:

  • Dip the stone in gangajal for one night along with some fresh flowers.
  • Take out the stone from ganjgal in the morning. Do not throw the jal anywhere. Pour it in the stream of water or on a plant along with the flowers.
  • Wear the gemstone in a ring or necklace embarked on a gold or silver.
  • While wearing the gemstone do not forget to recite the mantra 108 times facing your head towards the sun.

Planet – Saturn

Zodiac Sign – Capricorn

Right Metal – Silver or Gold

Finger – Middle

Day to wear – Saturday

Mantra – “Om Praam Preem Praum Sah ShanichRaay Namah.”

What are the benefits of wearing the blue sapphire gemstone?

Blue sapphire has the great mystical powers. If worn properly and following the right procedures, it has the great astrological benefits to the wearer. It can benefit the wearer’s health and wealth. Following are the benefits of the blue sapphire gemstone:

  • The blue sapphire stone is the stone of happiness. It brings the happiness to the wearer. It symbolizes the planetary energy that is the key to happiness. It radiates the unique energy that keeps the person benefited with immense positive energy.
  • The stone helps in providing the energy to fulfill the hope, desire, and dreams. Blue sapphire is the home of immense positive energy that provides the wearer with the energy and enthusiasm to fulfill the desires and dreams.
  • Blue sapphire is directly associated with the spiritual energy. It balances the entire energy of the spirits of the wearer. It strengthens the will power and self-confidence.
  • Those who are involved into the field of spiritual and religious aspects, it aids a great help. For any instant accidental harm, it provides a shield for the owner, and the healing power for the different weakness of the owner spiritually.
  • Blue sapphire is the best gemstone out there is the good academics. For the students, it helps in achieving the good grades. If you are attending any entrance exams or any important interviews then the use of blue sapphires gives the best possible results.
  • Blue sapphire, gemstone has the great health benefits to the wearer. The use of blue sapphire protects the owner from any health issues. Blue sapphire, gemstone has a great power in the mental power improvement and the digestive health. It calms the mental tension, stress, and anxiety. It also holds the energy to calm down the blood circulation maintaining the blood pressure.
  • This stone has the great effect in the relationship. It prevents the common conflicts between the couples and family members. It is believed that, keeping, keeping the blue sapphire stone in the corner of the room helps in preventing the misunderstanding among the family members and makes the relationship healthy and happy.