Bridal Women High Heels For Brides-To-Be

What do you picture when someone mentions the term “high heels?” are they only used as part of wedding accessories? Day by day, we’ve been experiencing new advanced high heels that significantly differ from what has been there. And as they keep “evolving,” their prices increase, making them the most expensive woman footwear.

A good pair of heels should promote your outfit as a bride, whether they look stylish or not. Today, designers are quite a step ahead, and they are doing what it takes to come up with new brands day by day. It is every bride’s dream to have an elegant-looking pair of heels. Not only elegant-looking but also durable high heels that will serve you years to come as you remember how perfect your affiancing ceremony was. Additionally, many of the brides would wish to surprise the “community.” Therefore, they may opt for something that’ll make them feel special regardless of the long dress.

You may need to give your guests an episodic perfection that will leave them gasping and shower you with special tributes. Furthermore, you would like to feel like a queen on your big day. And so, you are likely to choose something that is not boring, high heel sandals that will look amazing both in the picture and in reality.

Nowadays, many brides no longer prefer long-established white heels. Most often, they like their favourite colour that matches the theme colours of the wedding party. While you are not restricted in selecting which heels fit you, it is good to stay within the budget. Statistically, three-quarters of the multitude usually don’t concentrate on the bride’s footwear. However, you’ll still need to choose the best and quite stylish high heels for your great day.

The best bridal high heels are the kinds of wedding accessories that you’ll need to wear over and over again to ensure that they meet high and expected standards. For the bride who is new in heels, the footwear should be comfortable. Comfortable means that the heels must be wearable throughout the party time. It isn’t interesting to see you dancing barefoot at the party.

Marilyn Monroe once said that heels are women’s best friend. However, the right kind of heels should give you an elegant look, turn all heads towards you and equip you with confidence. With a day to your wedding, you must be looking for an expensive high heel that’ll match your gown and make your dressing perfect. Additionally, you seem to be looking for a comfortable pair of heels sandals for your big day. Who doesn’t know that weddings are often a lengthy process? Keeping that in mind, you need to be active and non-exhausted the whole time. This means that a comfortable pair of high heels is a must.

Of course, all wedding footwears have heels, but as the bride, you should be aware of which kind of heels your heels have. Preferably, it should be wider heels to give you stability and more comfort. On the other hand, shoes with narrow heels look elegant, but walking in them can be pretty challenging, especially if you are not used to them. There are things you need to consider while choosing the right high heels for your day, including:

The Heels Height

Now that it is vital to know your heel’s height before getting your dress fringed, this is the decision not to put back until the eleventh hour. Apart from style and comfort, another reason for choosing the height of your heels might be your partner—there should be no significant height differential.  However, it all depends on the bride’s preference. Some usually don’t like to appear taller than their beloved ones. Having been said that, you should choose a height that you are accustomed to. Here are some heel heights. Check and see which height suits you.

1-2 inches: This suits especially those who are not used to heels but want a bit of a lift.

3-4 Inches: This is the height most people usually imagine when it comes to high heel heights. It is safe for brides who aren’t using a pair of pumps anymore. Let me assure you, this will work well on your big day. You won’t appear abnormally tall.

5-6 inches: These kinds of heights are perfect for brides who often wear heels of this height. Additionally, they are suitable for shorter brides who would like to increase their heights during this special day.

Bee extra keen about the height, if possible practice some days before the exact day. Get a similar pair and wear some nights before that day. Wear them and try to picture how stylish you’ll appear before your friends and relatives. This will allow your feet to subsist with the height of the heels. Additionally, you’ll know whether putting on such high heels will cause blisters or sores on your toe at the end of the day. Keep in mind that you’ll have to cope with the new normal, and you need to be comfortable for the whole duration.

Does It Fit Your Dressing?

With the long list of everything, you need to accomplish your wedding day outfit, choosing the best high heels that match your elegant gown and selecting the perfect pair is the prime concern. According to some brides, it is the ideal fashion pursuit—nearly perhaps reaching for the dress’s search. On the other hand, some brides consider getting a perfect wedding shoe as contemplating comfort.

Whichever the priority, at long last, your wedding high heels have a significant role to fulfil. You’ll like them, wear them often for lengthy periods—over 15 hours. So, take a moment and think about that. Choose what suits you and what will change your normal look. If possible, snub your local market and order them online. By the way, I do believe that you can get quality high heels that can complement your style through online shopping.

The Venue And Surface You Are Going To Walk On

For a moment, think about the floor of the venue you are going to hold your wedding. As easy as it seems to be, the platform’s flooring can create shame if you don’t consider it while choosing your high heels. Or would you like to slip and mess up with everything? Then your wedding day will be a lousy remembrance throughout your lifetime.

Also, don’t forget the venue while selecting the footwear for your day. Your wedding venue cannot often determine how many heels and the kind of heels you should wear. If I may ask, do you think you can walk through a sand beach while putting on heels?

That’s all about what you need to consider while choosing your bridal heels. Now, with 50 + brands available in the market, you won’t struggle much in picking the best for your day.  No one restricts you on how many pairs you should have. As brides are allowed to change their wedding dresses, it is possible too to change their foot wares. And if you’d like to put on a heel during the ceremony, I would advise you to consider “a flat”—this is good and comfortable for dancing.

Of all types of heels, strappy sandals are not mostly preferred. One and the main reason is the contoured insoles. The contoured insoles result in feet sliding forward whether your feet are sweaty or not. That means that you’ll use your feet to claw-hold on the contoured insoles. The situation will be even worse when the pressure will build upon your ball foot. Those who have ever experienced this can narrate to you the pain and discomfort caused by the foot’s burning ball. To make the matter worse, the straps on your heels will often dig continually into your skin, causing the feet’ jiggle while walking. Sorry if I’m discouraging you—that’s just being truthful. You don’t need to worry since you can still get a good model of strappy high heels that can firmly hold your feet. Regardless of such downsides, many brides still consider them the best high heels in the market.

But it was not written anywhere that wedding footwears must just be high heels. We’ve witnessed many weddings where brides look fabulous with flats. Flats are not only comfortable but also re-wearable. Many people usually underestimate flats, little do they know that they are designed to help relieve the wedding day. Additionally, it is cost-efficient compared to the high heels you’ve been admiring.

The Bottom Line

Take it or leave it, a wedding is expensive! Whether you admit it or not. In fact, with the current economy, don’t think of going beyond your budget. You may end up being completely broke. Well, it is everybody’s dream to have a wonderful wedding, a wedding to prove wrong the so-called haters, and a lavish wedding kind that has never been held in your village/community. However, that can be achieved only if you’ll get the best wedding accessories. With thousands of high heel brands, it is possible to choose the best footwear that’ll match your style. Women’s heels have been there for centuries. The only thing that makes them different from model to model is the advancement as time goes. So there is nothing new about them. But while choosing the best bridal heel, always prioritize your comfort.

Written by Rajiv. He is writing content for Serpwizz. You’ll find me playing with my dog Gizmo in between copious cups of coffee and even the odd donut or three 😛