Can You Wear Jewelry While Working Out? 4 Things to Know

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Do you want to look fit while getting fit? You might be pleased to know that it’s entirely possible to wear things like mens gold bracelets at the gym. You don’t have to compromise your style just because you’re lifting, lunging, or long jumping. The key is to understand the risk factors associated with wearing jewelry while working out so that you can mitigate them.

Some Jewelry Will Get in Your Way

For gym visits, you don’t want to drape yourself in luxury jewelry. You should be smart and strategic about the pieces that you wear.

Necklaces, for example, can be a hassle. Their dangling chains can fly up around your face when you’re running or jumping. Heavy necklaces can also weigh you down, impede your movements, and generate more sweat production around your neck.

A better alternative is a bracelet or two. They won’t interfere with your workout, and they won’t look out of place even in a fitness setting. What’s more, you can still elevate your appearance with men’s bracelets that showcase your individuality or emphasize your personal sense of style.

Here are a few other options for gym-friendly jewelry:

  • Watches
  • Rings
  • Earrings
  • Anklets

Anything with a snug fit is less likely to become a hazard while you’re in motion.

Sweat Can Ruin Your Jewelry

Did you know that the caratage of gold is a measurement of its purity? Any 24-karat gold is pure gold with nothing else added to it. However, gold jewelry of lesser karats is alloyed with other metals. The most common are silver and copper. Most men’s jewelry is made of 10-karat or 14-karat gold for durability.


What this means for your workout is that your sweat can be a danger to your gold jewelry. While pure gold will be unaffected by it, other metals will start to oxidize after coming into contact with the moisture. They’ll become discolored, often in very visible shades of green, blue, or brown. If your jewelry is anything less than 24-karat, it’ll be susceptible to this kind of issue during a workout. By the way, if you do have 24-karat gold, it’s not wise to wear it to the gym because it’s softer and it is more susceptible to scratches and dents than alloyed gold.

Sweat isn’t the only thing to beware of, either. You should also consider the impact that other functions and features at the gym will have on your jewelry, including chlorinated pools and cleaning products that contain bleach or ammonia. Going for a swim might turn your studs green. Wiping down your cardio machine after a workout might expose your rings to harmful chemicals and start breaking them down.

Fitness Jewelry Is an Option

Also known as “gym jewelry” or “workout jewelry,” these accessories come in two varieties:

  • Motivational or inspirational pieces for everyday wear
  • Pieces made specifically for wear at the gym

The latter is the best option for wearing jewelry while you work out. They’re usually made of lightweight materials that won’t be a burden during exercise, and they’re often sized with tighter fits so that they don’t jumble and tangle. For example, they might be choker-style necklaces rather than long, dangling chains. They might be wristwatches made from elastomer materials rather than gold or silver. Some metal jewelry is even hollow! You’ll enjoy a reduced weight with the exact same surface appearance.

The other option is wearing motivational workout jewelry to the gym. These might have little barbell or dumbbell figures on them, or they might be inscribed with sayings designed to pump you up. They aren’t usually made with gym-friendliness in mind, but they can still be stylish additions to your workout outfits, and no one can say that they aren’t appropriate for the circumstances.

Workout Clothes Can Help

What if you want to wear your Cuban link chain while you’re at the gym? It breaks all the rules: It’s heavy, made from gold, and vulnerable to damage. Do you have to leave it at home?

The answer is no. You can still rock your signature look at the gym! You just have to get creative about what you wear along with it. As long as you understand the dangers, you can take appropriate steps to avoid them.


Let’s say you want to wear your white gold chain while working out. To protect it, you’ll need to minimize the contact that the gold has with your sweat. This will prevent tarnishing. One option is to simply reduce the amount of sweat that sticks to your skin. You can accomplish this by investing in workout clothes with moisture-wicking fabrics.

Another option is to wear layers that will prevent your chain from resting in a pool of sweat during repetitive motions such as weightlifting. For example, rather than wearing a loose-fitting tank top that exposes your chest, you might opt for a tighter-fitting tee or one without a V-neck or scoop neck. This way, your necklace will lie on a protective layer of fabric rather than directly on your skin.

Last but not least, you can always take off your chain during strenuous exercise and put it back on when you’re finished. For example, you can set it aside while you’re pounding the treadmill but put it back on while stretching, cycling, or weight training. You don’t have to wear your jewelry every second that you’re at the gym just because you bring it along with you.

How to Work Out While Wearing Jewelry

If you’re the type of man who always likes to look his best, you should know that you can still wear your favorite jewelry while at the gym. You’ll just have to take certain precautions to protect your safety and the integrity of your gold and other metals. This will keep you looking fresh and fly for all your upcoming gym visits!

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