Who Can’t And Who Can Take Trimethoprim For Cystitis Treatment?

Every treatment in the world of medicine can show some of the side effects in different particular cases due to different cases of human bodies. In this case of cystitis treatment, usually there are not any side effects been seen among various patients, hardly one out of 10 patients show some minor side effects or some symptoms of treatment that aren’t usually side effects. But some of the key measurable must be taken before using trimethoprim for cystitis treatment so there can be less chances of experiencing any kind of side effects minor or major.

Allergic reaction to any medicine in past

Make sure that there aren’t any medicine reactions in your past treatment for any kind of disease. If there was any, so there are chances your body is sensitive to some substances used in the medicines, or if a patient has used trimethoprim for cystitis treatment and has facedsome allergy of any kind then it is compulsory to consult the doctor before using this medicine.

Have Anemia?

Does the blood of patient has low amount of folic acid or physicians even say them folates, if the production of folates is low or if the patient has anemia or have porphyria (an unusual inherited blood disorder) or any other kind of blood disorder then it is advised to not use trimethoprim in cystitis treatment.

Kidney or Liver problems

In the past if the patient has faced any kind of disorder in his or her kidney or lungs then it is not advised to take trimethoprim in the treatment of cystitis treatment because it can lead to further diseases that will result badly.


Trimethoprim in cystitis treatment isn’t the safest antibiotic to take in pregnancy. Doctors generally agree you should take it only if the benefits outweigh the risks. It’s been linked with a small risk of problems for the unborn baby if it’s taken in early pregnancy.Trimethoprim lowers levels of folic acid in the bloodstream. If you take this medicine during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, your doctor will probably prescribe a high dose of folic acid (5mg daily) for you to take along with the trimethoprim and also the patient must keep in mind that there are no known risks to a pregnant woman or her unborn baby from taking trimethoprim after the first 12 weeks. More details regarding this medicine can be found at and you can also order online from here.