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Why Healthcare Workers Are in Short Supply

Healthcare workers include medical professionals who provide patient care, such as paramedics and registered nurses (RNs). They also include administrative professionals running healthcare facilities or performing administrative tasks, such as medical and health services managers and medical records and health information specialists. In addition, healthcare workers include medical test and treatment specialists, such as respiratory […]

Understanding the Long-Term Impact of COVID-19 on Healthcare

Although health care workers have been shown incredible support since the outbreak of the coronavirus strain in March last year, the attacks on them and the impact on the health care system of every country in the world continue. The unprecedented global health scare highlights the unreadiness of the health sector and the lack of […]

Pointers in Reducing Stress Due to the Pandemic

The pandemic has upended the lives of people across the country. It forced many businesses to close while others asked their employees to work from home. The situation not only affected the jobs of many people, but it also had an impact on their mental health. While the situation has improved compared to the start of the […]

How Have Clinical Rotations Changed After the Pandemic?

The recent pandemic has affected the education system across the world including medical education. The actual impact is quite unclear—medical schools and faculties are still grappling with the changes. As medical schools had to shut down or be converted into make-shift COVID hospitals, medical students were left bewildered about their future. However, one significant change […]

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