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Everything You Need to Know About Cremation Jewelry

One of the most difficult parts of losing a loved one is bidding them farewell. You will never see them nor hold them again, yet you still want to keep them close forever. In some cases, families scatter the ashes of their loved one in a certain place they revisit, while others simply place them […]

Making the Switch: Are Lab-Grown Diamonds Now the Superior Choice?

For the longest time, the diamond market was an unstoppable monopoly that controls every market aspect. From mining to cutting to certification, there wasn’t much room to break in the industry. Internationally, the United States is the second-largest exporter of diamonds with a 16.5% share of the global market. That is worth $17.7 billion. It seems that the […]

Jewellery Trends We’re Obsessed with This Winter

Just because it’s getting colder outside, it doesn’t mean that fashion has gone into hibernation. In fact, quite the opposite! At Jewel Tree London, we relish the arrival of winter jewellery trends. Once the buzz of the holidays begins to fade, it’s our jewellery that helps pull us through those long dark days until the […]

Jewelry Also New Trend

Jewelry has consistently caused ladies to feel wonderful and amazing.  Do you want to know about Personalized Jewelry. Men also wear them a lot today, too. There are a few reasons, rising costs of gold, silver, and other significant gems. The interest for male gems is expanding, gaining further ground. Nowadays, numbers engraved on the […]

Gorgeous Ear Cuff Collection From E&E Jewelry:

One of the oldest fashion trends in history is the good old ear piercing. Whether it’s a formal or a casual occasion a little bit of ear accessory is never bad for you. It does not just give your outfit more personality but it also helps complete the entire look. However, the traditional piercings have […]

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