Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Cigar and Whiskey Lover Friends

Christmas and holidays are coming. You would already have decided or purchased the gifts for your near and dear ones.

Selecting Christmas gift for kids does not demand your time and patience; you can get candies, cookies, and toys gift wrapped and they are good to go for any kid.

But buying Christmas gifts for your adult friends, family members, or relatives could be a baffling puzzle for you.

You have to take care of “will they like it or not”. You also have to see your budget.

To avoid such tricky situations, you should offer something that your friend could be interested in. For example: if your friend is not into reading and he spends most of his time playing games on his cell phone, books wouldn’t be a wise gift idea for him. You could buy gaming console or something that would enhance their gaming experience. They will love it and love you for that gift.

In this post, we suggest a few awesome Christmas gift ideas for your cigar and whiskey lover friends –

Christmas Gift Ideas for Cigar Lovers –

Cigar often reminds us of our grandfather or classic Hollywood movies. But, cigars are still a popular refreshment for a large number of people.

If you have a friend who enjoys cigar in his free time, here are some of the gift ideas for him –

Cigar Ashtray

If your friend already smokes cigar, there are chances that he already has an ashtray. So, it is going to be a challenge for you to select a style or design of ashtray that is different and more beautiful than the one that your friend has.

You will need to search multiple online and offline stores to finalize the ashtray for your friend.

To make it a special one, you could consider getting a sweet message with your name and your friend’s name engraved on it.

Cigar Case –

Again, if your friend loves cigar, it should not come to you as a surprise that he already has a cigar case, in which he keeps all his cigars and takes it everywhere he goes.

To make an impact here, you can choose a designer case with multiple compartments and storage options. This will be more like phone case or book, in which your friend can keep a few cigars, matches, cigar lighter, and cigar cutter. Make sure that the one you choose has multiple pockets for credit cards, bills, and coins.

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Cigar Notebook –

Cigar notebook is a like diary, in which you can note down the brands and flavors of cigar that you have tried so far.

Remember: Only the one with a fondness for cigars will understand and appreciate this gift.

Apart from these, you could also gift your friend a cigar sampler, which is for those who are always keen to try new cigar brands.  Cigar sampler is a box that contains samples of different types of cigars.

You could buy cigars of any brand, put them in a beautiful case, and give some customization with personalized cigar bands and stickers.

Another gift idea for cigar lovers would be a customized cigar lighter.

If your friend is also into pipes, you can offer him branded tobacco for their pipes, such as CAO Pipe Tobacco or Capstan Pipe Tobacco.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Whiskey Lovers –

Liquor, (especially, whiskey) bottles makes one of the most gifted items on Christmas. But if you do not want to gift a whiskey bottle, because it is so common, you could try these gift ideas for your whiskey lover friend(s) –

Double-Wall Highball Chill Glass –

A glass that keeps whiskey cold for longer! This OTR glass will make day for any whiskey lover.

Unlike other whiskey glasses, it can be put into freezer to be chilled, so it can do the job it has been made for. Thanks to its double glass design!.

You could also buy an On the Rocks (OTR) tumbler set for your friend, which would be quite a decent gift.

Rare Whiskey Testing Kit–

This is possibly the best gift idea for whiskey lovers. If you friend loves to taste different types of whiskey, you can give him that chance through this little kit.

You can prepare your own kit, or get one from a liquor shop. Make sure you add some rare and unique whiskeys for your friend to taste.

Whiskey-Themed Calendar –

That would be an interesting gift for your whiskey lover friend. This is a calendar that will display and give information about whiskeys from around the world.

The calendar will improve your friend’s general knowledge about whiskeys of different kind. And he will thank you for this amazing gift for long time.

Socks or T-shirts with Whiskey Quotes –

You can also buy some apparel with whiskey related quotes printed on them. This will make a funny and funky gift idea.

If you are short on budget, you can consider this gift.

To turn your gift into a special gift, you could get your message printed on them, along with some cool quotes about whiskey-ism.

In addition to these, you can consider decanters, ice ball molds, whiskey barrel coasters, or a hip flask.