Differences Between Newborn Photography and Baby Photography

The life of a new mom is stressful and overwhelming. There so many new things that you’re trying to learn that you have no idea about!Things like what you should feed your three month old baby, when do they start getting their teeth, how many pictures do I need to take of them? All of these questions are the things that come to the mind of a new mom. There’s a lot of pressure in today’s society to have really beautiful pictures of your baby taken by a professional photographer. The real question is though when am I supposed to take these pictures?

Newborn Photography

The first thing that might help you determine when you need to take these pictures as whether you’re looking for newborn photography or Baby Photography. The difference between newborn and Baby Photography is how old the child is during the pictures. Newborn photography usually only is categorized for brand new babies. We would say these babies are under one month old when these pictures were taken. These pictures are usually more of a feature photo shoot. The photographer is going to be Taking pictures of the details of your baby. Will capture the wrinkles on their backs, they’re tiny little toes, and a dimple on their cheek. These photos are to help you remember your tiny baby and what it was like when they were a newborn.

Baby Photography

Baby photography On the other hand happens a little bit later. Maybe photography is anytime after the baby has finished the newborn stage. During Baby Photography the photographer is looking to capture more of the babies personality versus their features. You want to wait to have baby pictures taken until your baby can really show who they are and give a little bit of Personality. These pictures can be really fun if you hire a great photographer. The photographer has taken pictures like this many times so they understand how to make your baby Giggle, and what is going to make the best picture. Baby photography is really fun, but it can’t be mistaken with newborn photography.

Photo Packages

You probably wouldn’t be surprised if you asked your photographer if they have any packages available. A lot of photographers will make a bundle package for their new moms that will help them determine what pictures most people take. These packages usually include a newborn session, around a 6-month session, and then their first year pictures. These are fun pictures to have because so much does change during their first year. It is also fun to have the same photographer take all of these Milestone photos, because they are going to match well if you decide to hang them all together on a wall in your home. If you jump around from different photographers that can be a little bit tricky to match style, and the pictures won’t flow that well.