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Enhance Your Home With A Patchwork Rug

When you say patchwork rug, most people think of a rug with all kinds of pieces of material sewn together, which they vaguely recall from their great-grandmother’s front room along with her patchwork quilt and doilies. There still may be a few of those rugs around that have survived the test of time, but patchwork rugs have come a long way since then and are able to enhance your home with newfound style, even with a look your great-grandmother would love.

If you’re looking to enhance your home through a patchwork rug, give some thought to what you want to accomplish with it as a large accessory. Decide what kind of look you are trying to achieve and review some of the following ideas.

Setting a Mood

Do you want coziness or do you prefer a bold appearance that’s an eye catcher? One look may require natural and rustic color combinations while the other is full of patterns that suggest splashes of color or geometric patterns.

When you are thinking along the lines of a more serene or minimalist space, accessorize with pale colored patchwork design rugs, or patchwork rugs with stripes and checks in block patterns.

Contrast can be created in a more modern room with vintage or antique looking patchwork rugs that would suggest a blending of traditional and contemporary basics. Any of these ideas could set the mood in a room or rooms.

What’s the Purpose?

What do you want a patchwork rug to accomplish? Is it for flow or direction into another area that goes unnoticed, or is it to cover a bare wood floor, create sound absorption or to retain heat in a space? Perhaps you need to create a focal point in an exact location or at an angle so you can enliven a room and draw attention to certain aspects of it. In a more fragmented space, a patchwork rug can bring the whole area together or just generally brighten it.

Color Selection

Even though your patchwork rug selection may have a number of colors within it, there are still a few things to deal with before making a final choice. You have to think of your floor color and look at it like a background or frame for your rug. Dark patchwork rugs aren’t going to harmonize with dark flooring, whether wood, cement, tile or something else. A patchwork rug should be in a contrast color so it will not only stand out on the floor but coordinate with furnishings, wall art, and other accessories in a room.

Textural Aspects

If a room has nothing but smooth, flat and sharp angular surfaces, you want to bring in a patchwork rug that has more of a texture, pile or fullness to it, which not only adds depth and color but warmth to detract from the more sparse and stark look of a plainer area. You want to add further texture by placing a patchwork rug under a coffee table, dining set, bed or couch or on bathroom and kitchen floors. These kinds of placements are going to add texture as well as a pulled together look to any bare area.

Lighting Effects

Think of a patchwork rug as an accessory piece and a work of art all in one. You want it to show well in a room and suitable lighting will enhance a rug, no matter where you choose to use it. If you have regular sunlight coming in from all angles on a rug, it is going to wash out its colors, which makes the rug appear as though it is lacking in color. The same idea applies with too dark of a room.

The color in the rug is going to be hidden and is going to produce a drab appeal. Lighting does play a part with where a rug is going to be located in a space, and any light whether too dim or too bright is going to take away from the artistic aspect of a patchwork rug. So, plan on doing a survey of lighting in your home to determine where a patchwork rug can be emphasized rather than obscured.

Patchwork rugs can enhance any area of your home and are a great way to bring a splash of color to a space. The right patchwork style, color and texture can define or separate any area in your home and can, at the same time, enrich and beautify your home. For more information on patchwork rugs visit Rugknots.com