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European Beauty Icons Shine in Drunk Elephant’s Latest Skincare Campaign

Joanna Borov and Kristina Menissov, two renowned European models who have made their mark in the fashion and beauty industry, were the perfect choice for Drunk Elephant’s recent skincare campaign. With their striking beauty, captivating presence, and extensive experience in the world of fashion and beauty, Joanna and Kristina brought a touch of elegance and authenticity to the campaign.

Their international appeal and unique charm made them ideal representatives for a brand like Drunk Elephant, known for its commitment to clean and effective skincare. Their involvement in the campaign not only showcased the brand’s products but also highlighted the importance of healthy and radiant skin, which aligns perfectly with Drunk Elephant’s values.

Joanna Borov and Kristina Menissov’s photo session for Drunk Elephant undoubtedly added a touch of European sophistication to the brand’s image and resonated with beauty enthusiasts in the United States and beyond, making the campaign a great success.


Photographer: Alina Lavrova


Models: Kristina Menissov, Joanna Borov


Beauty team: Reyna Khalil, Lia Yamaguchi


Stylist: Anna Gupta