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A Nuru is an erotic massage – more precisely, the queen of erotic massages. The special thing is that it becomes particularly slippery when massaging. The origin of this technique lies in Japan. This is where the term “Nuru” comes from. Translated, the word means something like “slippery” or “smooth”.

This name is derived from the very slippery Nuru gel that is traditionally used in a Nuru massage. It is a purely natural product made from nori algae. Nuru-Gel is both colorless and odorless, does not stick, but sticks to the body for a long time and provides smooth gliding pleasure. Afterward, the moisturizing Nuru gel can easily be showered off again.

Nuru Gel Warms & Relaxes

Nuru is a body massage in which not only the hands but the entire body is used. Nuru usually begins on the back of the body. The extremely slippery Nuru gel is spread on the skin from head to feet. The gel leaves a pleasantly warm feeling.

After the gel has been distributed, the actual massage process takes place using the entire body. The massage, in which the performer uses his hands, stomach, legs, and chest, is carried out gently and as a skin-to-skin massage. Both the person being massaged and the masseur or masseuse must therefore be undressed in order to be able to perform the Nuru.

The Erotic Aspect

If the Nuru massage is only performed for stimulating relaxation, it ends after the massage of the back. If the focus is on the erotic aspect, which is usually the case, then the front is also subjected to a full body massage. Similar to the procedure on the back, the entire front area is also provided with the Nuru gel.

The massage itself has performed again with the entire body. If the person being massaged is a man, it is often not possible for him to hide the physical excitement caused by intense body contact. An experienced female masseuse can help inconspicuously by releasing the tension with her hands and breasts as if by chance during the full body massage. The massage continues afterward, which leads to a pleasant and pleasant feeling of tiredness when being massaged.

After finishing the Nuru massage, the gel must be removed from the body. Therefore, both should shower together, as the slippery gel should also be washed from the back area.

The Preparation

1. Warmth: To really enjoy the erotic massage, the room (the bedroom is ideal) should be pleasantly warm. It’s best to turn on the heater and decorate the room with a few scented candles for the right mood. Soft music also ensures relaxation and a cozy atmosphere.

2. Massage oil: Prepare the Nuru gel or a massage oil of your choice. Tip: Warm it up in a bowl with warm water beforehand.

3. Underlay: Because it can get pretty slippery, you should cover your bed with at least a few towels beforehand. Alternatively, you can save time and get an amazing Nuru session in Paris from SweetTouch without preparations.

The Implementation

1. Spread the gel or oil generously over your entire naked body and that of your partner.

2. The massage recipient lies down on their back so that the other can sit or lie on them and slowly slide up and down. Your own breasts or buttocks are particularly suitable for massaging.

3. Use fixed points such as the headboard of the bed to push yourself off or hold on during the erotic massage. Massage for as long as you enjoy it.

4. Afterward, the slippery gel should be removed from the body – preferably in a shower together. But be careful: danger of slipping! It is better to dry your feet well with a towel beforehand.

To Sum Up

This erotic technique is absolutely trendy and can be enjoyed not only in special massage salons but also in your own home with your partner. Of course, it can also turn into subsequent sexual intercourse.

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