Fat Loss – Three Things You Do That Make It Harder

Getting rid of fat is a worldwide problem these days. With more and more ways to enjoy food that has no limits, how would someone cope with the dieting? Sure, there are many plans out there that help you lose weight. Maybe, the reason you are not losing weight is that you are doing something wrong. Only you can be the judge of that. Here are some things that you do that make it harder to lose fat.

Exercise until there’s no tomorrow!

Wrong. Completely wrong. As you exercise, you burn fat. That simple logic also proves you wrong. As you exercise, you lose carbohydrates. As you lose carbohydrates, your energy levels plummet down the drain. You will not be able to think or act correctly if your body yearns for energy all the time. A person need’s to balance work outs. Schedule Cardio exercises for 30 mins. Every other day of the week. You do it on Tuesday, rest on Wednesday then resume on Thursday. This way, your body does not raise the metabolism too high. If you suddenly stop the volume and level of exercise you are doing, you will gain almost more fat than when you started with to compensate for the enhanced hunger you will feel.

Don’t eat; you have to keep on dieting!

Another fallacy in the heads of many. Slimming down does involve exercise with a reduced calorie diet but does not need to be very dangerously close to starvation. Starving yourself will lose you of your vitamins and minerals. It will get your immune system down to a grinding halt and let the enemies of the body destroy you. You risk yourself of gall bladder problems and even pass out on basic daily routines! Do not be tough on yourself.

You do not eat after ^Insert Time Here^

There have been many studies on how burning is affected by the time you eat food. However, some are just false truths handed over to encourage discipline on eating times. Research says eat whenever you feel hungry. This does not mean you should eat whenever you want to. There is a huge difference between the two. Learn to distinguish your “NEED” to eat from your “WANT” to eat times. There may be times that you can get incredibly hungry during the middle of the night or during a heavy afternoon. Do not let your body cry too much, it will affect you adversely.

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