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For More Specific Needs – You Can Get Custom Made Zippers And Order Them Based On Your Needs

Every designer, tailor and DIY hobbyist has specific objectives and goals in mind. For them to meet these goals, it is important for them to have the best quality of tools in hand. Even if there is only a very small thing or tool missing, it might be hard or even impossible for them to come up with the design they want. One perfect example of these things that are a must-have during sewing projects is none other than the zipper.

You might be surprised but zippers are quite essential for DIY enthusiasts, designers and tailors because other than anything else, zippers are the ones that make most items usable, wearable and functional in the very first place.

Good thing that everyone can now get custom made zippers and order them according to their specific and unique needs, all of which are available at

Get Custom Made Zippers From A Reliable Supplier

One look in the online market and the first thing you will see is the increasing number of zipper suppliers and manufacturers. But, the sad news is that not all of them offer the exact type of zippers that you might need for your particular project.

The moment you start shopping for custom zippers, chances are you have already envisioned in your mind how your final project is going to look like. Maybe you already know how challenging it can be to go from one tailoring shop to another only to be disappointed because you cannot find the right kind of zipper you like.

Now, you can finally say goodbye to this trouble because Zipper Shipper is here to help you out. Zipper Shipper is the number one go-to when looking for different zipper types, styles and colors and everything else you need.

What is even more interesting is that Zipper Shipper also offer custom made shippers. When you speak of custom made zippers, these are zippers especially made to meet the specific requirements of tailors and designers to help them finish their sewing garments.

An Overview Of Zippers

Zippers are temporary fasteners made up of two strips of fabrics and each of them features plastic or metal teeth that have special shapes. A slider joins two sides by pushing the teeth together while riding along the two sets of teeth.


The design of zippers can be open ended or close ended. The open ended zippers can look into place at both sides of the zipper. Meanwhile, both ends of close ended zippers are closed.

Today, you can shop for different zipper types. A heavy duty zipper is composed of metal with teeth measuring 5, 10 or 8mm when closed. The teeth have been molded to the shape of the zipper tape at short and regular intervals. A plastic zipper is just like metal zippers and the only difference is the plastic material used for the teeth.

The next time you need custom made zippers, order them from Zipper Shipper.