Gorgeous Ear Cuff Collection From E&E Jewelry:

One of the oldest fashion trends in history is the good old ear piercing. Whether it’s a formal or a casual occasion a little bit of ear accessory is never bad for you. It does not just give your outfit more personality but it also helps complete the entire look. However, the traditional piercings have most definitely come a long way today; people do not tend to have a single piercing in one ear anymore. They may have anywhere from 1 to 5 in each and many other types of jewelry have also come to be used. The ear cuffs are one of them. With E&E online store you can buy yourself all kinds of earpieces and jewelry for your ears. However, if you don’t really have an ear-piercing yet then here are some of the most popular ones that you may consider getting?

Lobe Piercing:

The most obvious type of piercing that you’re going to be advised to get is the good old lobe piercing. This is the piercing in the fleshy, earlobe part of your ear. For beginners this is one of the best kinds of piercings that you can get, they are the easiest to get, they last much longer and heal much faster as well. You can wear all kinds of formal and professional jewelry that is designed for lobe piercings. The options in the kinds of jewelry you can buy when it comes to a lobe piercing are seemingly endless. It is versatile and you can experiment with whatever products you may like.

Transverse Lobe Piercing:

these are the more modern type of piercings. in this type of piercing your lobe is pierced horizontally rather than in and out through your lobe. this type of piercing is largely dependent on the particular shape and size of your ear lobe. however =, this type of piercing will take one of the longest times to heal as compared to the others. and it also runs a significantly higher risk of infection since the healing time is elongated as compared to the others.

Cartilage Piercing:

Gorgeous Ear Cuff Collection From E&E Jewelry:

If the traditional lobe piercing isn’t doing the trick for you then perhaps you should consider something that gives you more of a personality like a cartilage piercing. However, the first two weeks after getting the piercing are guaranteed to give you a little bit of discomfort and pain. However, after that, you will be able to do just fine. You can try out a more edgy look with this kind of piercing and there are many jewelry designs that are made specifically for this.

Orbital Piercing:

These are once again a rarer kind of piercing that is hardly trying but do tend to give a nice edgy look to your overall look. It can be described as two piercings that are connected by a single earpiece.

No matter what piercing you do decide to go for though, you will know that your options for picking out the perfect jewelry for it are always open with E&E at your service click here for more.