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Hair System 101: What You Need to Know About Women’s Hair Systems

Women often develop an emotional attachment to their hair. Long, bouncy or short – hair is not just a bundle of fibers to women. It’s their identity, a way to express their personal style and much more. So, quite naturally, when a woman loses her hair, she will freak out and be mentally affected. But don’t worry — women’s hair systems are a great solution to get a full head of hair or conceal any hair loss. The most common hair systems for women are wigs and hair toppers.

Women’s Hair System Base Materials and More

Three materials are usually used to construct hair system bases – polymers (or poly skin), lace and monofilament silk. Hair systems with poly bases are long-lasting and cost-effective in addition to being easy to use as far as installation and cleanup. Lace hair systems are more natural looking while they are also comfortable and lightweight. Monofilament systems are usually the most durable because they are usually constructed in a combination with poly material.

The Hair in the Hair System

The hair in the hair system can be human hair, animal hair or synthetic hair, the latter of which is artificial fibers designed to imitate real human hair. When it comes to choosing a hair system for women, there are endless options regarding texture, colors and thickness.

It’s important to note that human hair will require much more maintenance compared to synthetic hair, especially as women’s human hair wigs are more expensive than wigs that use non-human hair.

Choosing the Right Hair System for Women

An ideal hair system can make you look attractive and boost your confidence. While choosing a hair system, consider the following factors:

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  • Base type and hair type
  • Size and length
  • Longevity and Maintenance
  • Color and texture
  • Face shape and complexion

How to Take Care of Women’s Hair Systems

The better you take care of your women’s hair system, the longer it is likely to last. Maintain it regularly and attach it properly to enhance its lifespan. Consider washing it carefully with shampoo and a soft brush. Do not sleep with a wig unless absolutely necessary as this can cause hair shedding. If it’s made of natural hair, avoid blow-drying the system. Also, prevent your hair systems or hair toppers from heavy exposure to the sun as the hair may discolor.

Attaching Hair Systems

Before attaching hair systems, it is sometimes necessary to apply glue around the hairline. It may feel a little bit sticky, but it’s okay. Let your scalp dry for a few minutes, and then attach the hair system. Alternatively, you can apply it on the wig itself. It just takes a few minutes to attach the hair system. But with that said, you can also use clips to attach your wig or hair toppers.

Wigs vs. Hair Toppers

It’s important to note that while wigs and hair toppers serve the same purpose in providing hair and concealing hair loss, they are different. Wigs cover the full head and don’t require the wearer to have any hair. Toppers — also known as “wiglets” or “half wigs” — meanwhile cover only certain parts of the head and are meant to be blended with whatever hair is left.

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