Headband Wigs VS Lace Front Wigs Which One Is Better for You

Wearing wigs only because of hair thinning or partial hair loss is a thing of the past. But in recent years, not only celebrities but common people too opt to wear the wig. Now, wigs have high breathability and quality that make anyone choose them to add beauty to their appearance. But finding a source that gives you truly perfect wigs in every aspect can be hard. Ula Hair can help you get the desired wig in great quality.

Here in this article, we will discuss:

  • What is a headband wig?
  • What is a lace front wig?
  • Which one is better?
  • Where can you purchase the best wigs?

Headband wigs are recently trending in the market. On the other hand, the lace front wig wearer finds it perfect than any other wig. Let’s see do a headband wig vs. lace front wig so that you can find the better one among them for you.

What is a Headband Wig?

A headband wig is an affordable wig in which a piece of material like a headband is attached at the front. The wig’s hair is sewn on the soft wig cap. The headband wig has adjustable straps that have velcro to fasten it according to your head size. Also, the clips at the back of the wig’s cap give more security to fit it around the head.

Headband wig is made of 100% Virgin Human Hair and very easy to use. It is good news for the new wig wearer because you do not need to get expertise and to spend time applying glue or lace to adjust it.

Moreover, not applying glue or lace at the front will save you from hair loss at the hairline and edges. Also, if you do not have time or are not perfect at styling your baby hair, this wig can be your best friend.

Some Tips for Wearing and Caring Headband Wig:

First, make your favorite protective hairstyle, e.g., cornrows. Wear a wig cap to create a flat surface to wear the wig. Second, prepare your edges if you want to show off. Third, Brush out the wig and wear it on the head. Fasten the velcro and combs of the wig’s cap on your hair or tuck them under the wig cap. Wear a stylish headband to give you a chic look.

Here are some easy steps in caring for a headband wig. When you take off the wig, hang it on the stand. Always brush it before wearing and washing it. Shampoo and condition the wig after 8 to 10 wear. Use cold water to wash the headband wig, and do not rub it. Avoid damage to the cuticles by pat drying the headband wig with a cotton t-shirt.

Headband Wigs

What is a Lace Front Wig?

Lace front wig gives you an undetectable finish because of a see-through lace attached to the wig. You can say a small sheer attached at the front. After wearing the wig, it covers your hairline and sets a new one, and also gives the illusion of growing baby hair from the scalp. Its finish look is realistic enough that anyone can’t guesses that you are wearing a wig.

The lace wig is lightweight and comfortable than a traditional wig. Its lace not only transparent realistic, but better and durable than Swiss, medium brown lace.

Some Effortless Lace Front Wig-wearing Tips:

Make a hairstyle like twists on natural hair. Wear a stocking cap to flat the surface to wear the wig. Use combs to perfectly hold the wig on the head. Making different hairstyles every day will give you a natural look.

Which One Is Better for You? 

We will tell you the pros of headband and lace front wig so you can decide which one suits your needs and looks.

The use of heated styling tools on synthetic hair wigs increases the possibility of melting down the hair. So, the best choice is to buy the human hair wig so air goes to your scalp and you can curl or straight as you want.

3.1 Pros of Headband Wigs

Wearing a headband wig is quick and easy; you can wear it in 10 minutes without any expert’s help. You can enhance your normal look by wearing different styles or patterns of headbands to give you a different look every day.

Also, upkeeping and maintaining a headband is not hard. Moreover, you will not feel suffocation in hair or itching at the scalp because it is breathable. Its grip around the head is so good that you will not worry about flowing your hair away on a roller coaster ride.

3.2 Pros of Lace Front Wigs

Lace front wig is easy and quick to take on and off. Even wearing it every day will not be a hassle for you when you clean the wig on time.

Lace front wig’s natural results that no one can virtually guess that you are wearing a wig, boots people’s confidence that’s why they find it affordable. This wig is available is lovely prices and will let your hair grow under the wig.

  1. Headband Wigs

Where Can You Purchase the Best Wigs?

4.1 New Fashion Online Wigs Store

Here is a new fashion online wig store, Ula Hair, where you can buy cost-effective and quality Human hair wigs. They are shipping worldwide and having thousands of 5-star ratings. Head to to get various types of wigs in different styles. These characteristics make it the versatile and trusted fashion online wigs store.

4.2 Headband Wig

Ula Hair headband wig is made of 100% virgin human hair and lasts more than 12 months. Their product has a 500+, 5-star rating and recommending and loving by all.

It has a great realistic look that makes it a perfect choice for daily life and work life. You do not need to have a certain hair type, texture, or length. So, get ready, all black women out there, whether you have 4a, 4b, or 4c hair, to get the deep wave headband wig at affordable and acceptable prices.

4.3 Lace Front Wig

Ula Hair’s lace front wig is more suitable for sewing in the wig with bundles and made of 100% virgin human hair. Their lace front wig product has 1500+, 5-star ratings.

Wearing a curly lace front wig gives you heavier and thicker hair. Not only it gives you an amazingly natural look, but also its versatility allows to customize various hairstyle on it.