Health Benefits Of Gourmet Coffee

Gourmet coffee is one of the UK’s most sought after commodities. Since the early 2000’s when new, trendy hipster coffee shops began popping up around the country, coffee and its vast blends and flavours has been all of the rage!

Here at Hipster Coffee we offer a fabulous selection of Ethically Sourced Coffee from around the globe. Working together with farmers and plantations to bring our UK audience a vast selection of high end, luxury, artisan coffees.

Using excellent quality coffee beans which have allowed us to form our speciality and unique blends. Bringing you unexpected flavours from far beyond your imagination!

But why else should you choose to become a coffee drinker? What are the benefits to drinking a coffee beverage? Here we take a look at what these benefits may be; Helps To Cut Out Pain.

Muscle pain can be a huge problem, especially if you are a gym goer. With it being researched that only 2 cups of coffee can dramatically help post-workout muscle pain, reducing it by 48%.

Helps To Increase Fibre Intake

Coffee is least known for containing fibre, which is why it may have you a little confused by our second point. However coffee actually contains 1.8 grams of fibre per brewed coffee cup.

Protection Against Cirrhosis Of The Liver

In no way are we encouraging an increase in your alcohol intake, however coffee actually holds many liver friendly and liver ‘protecting’ benefits.

Lower Risk Of Type Two Diabetes

Studies have shown that individuals who drink 6 or more cups of coffee per day are 22% less likely to develop type two diabetes.

The Risk Of Being Diagnosed With Altzimers Is Lower

There are two areas of research which show how coffee may actually help prevent the onset of Altzimers. The first is the link with caffeine and how this chemical reacts to help protect the brain. The second area shows a direct link with roasted coffee and dictates how the compounds within it help to protect the brain, ridding it of ‘brain plaque’ which has been thought to be a leading cause of Altzimers.

Lowers Depression

Coffee provides us with a natural ‘buzz’ which is thought to give your brain food for thought! A 10 year study showed us that coffee drinkers where also less likely to commit suicide or self harm.

Proven To Reduce Colorectal Cancer

Colorectal cancer is also known as bowel cancer which can be a scary prospect to be met with at a health check up! Even if you are a moderate coffee drinker, the benefits are still in your favour! Recent studies have shown that the odds of developing this form of cancer are dramatically reduced – up to 26%! If you consume more coffee than this, your odds continue to reduce! A great reason to drink more coffee!

Still Need Convincing?

Here at Hipster Coffee we only use ethically sourced coffee beans which have been hand roasted using traditional methods. Using large steel drums, our beans are toasted by professional roasters with years of experience.\par
All of our coffees are packaged in eco friendly craft paper bags which not only saves the earth…. they are also pretty neat for keeping your coffee fresh!

Hipster Coffee offers over 30 stunning coffees for consumers to try and adore! We believe our coffee is simply the best and can’t wait for you to try it! Head over to our site now to take a look at all of our fantastic blends and single origin coffees!